Astrology of Sun in Tir or Cancer, Moon in Esfand or Pisces 2012

by alimostofi

Astrology of Sun in Tir or Cancer, Moon in Esfand or Pisces 2012


We are going to have the Moon move into Esfand or Pisces in about 10 hours from now. We have had a couple of days of Moon in Bahman or Aquarius. It was a great time for networking. Now we move into the realm of connecting with nature and the universal or art.

Think about the imaginative. Escape yourself. Put others first. Be charitable. Explore your selfless side. The Moon will connect with Neptune and it will stir your transcedential side. Reach other worlds. Forget the here and now.

You like music, wine, or want to do your hair, now is the time.

Many other planets have not shifted their positions so not a lot of change. A couple have. As usual Venus is slowly moving forward. Yes it is still a bit tough for those born in the middle of each of the four seasons to put it simply.

Mars has moved into Libra and is opposing Uranus. So if you are born at the beginning of the seasons you will feel electric. Suddenly falling in and out of love will happen.

One big change is that we are seeing the Sun begin to make a challenge to Saturn in the next week. So it will be a time to sort out your legal matters. It will not be easy but if you prepare for it now it will be magic.

So that's it. Short and sweet. Have a nice dream. 


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