The Ayatollah of USA


by alimostofi

In the world of politics, we have only a certain number of permutations. Modern observers, think that somehow, they are wiser than those in the past. Some even think that what they say, has not been said by others, who ironically be opposed to them.

Take the words of Chomsky and Ayatollahs, and put them next to each other, and you will be horrified by their uncanny similarities. They are from two opposite cultures, but say the same thing. They don't even know this themselves. I am sure they would change their tune, if they knew that they were saying the same thing.

Watch this video:


You know, we Iranians are used reading this jibberish in articles from those schools in Qom, not from Cambridge, USA. The theories of the US left wing politics are exactly the same as Hezbollah Regime. Carter and his lot believed it. Watch the video, and you will see Chomsky say that the people of the Arab world are with the nuclear aspirations of the Ayatollahs.

Both Chomsky and Ayatollahs try to look popular by criticizing the Arab rulers. They think students would lap it all up. They are only interested to take advantage of poor naive idealists studying politics in Univesities. It does not work in rich countries like Saudi Arabia. It might work in poorer areas in North Africa.

What Chomsky doesn't realise is that the Arab world does not mix politics with religion. The Shiites do. The Ayatollahs and Chomsky put politics above nationalism. Both put ideals like democracy and theocracy above culture.

We in Iran fell into the dellusions of democracy, when we turned our country to the Ayatollahs, thinking that would not abuse our national character. Chomsky thinks that the same trick will work in the Arab world.

What Chomsky wants is an upheaval in the richer Arab world, under the pretext of democracy, which will create a mass exodus of funds and brain to US, just like it did for Iran in 1979.

What he forgets, is that people only want freedom when they have nothing to lose. The poor revolt, not the rich.


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Sorry but I couldn't help it

by anglophile on

"The poor revolt, not the rich." If anything, Iran 1979, proved the exact opposite - LOL.  ps -  "people only want freedom when they have nothing to lose. "  Again in 1979 people lost everything and didn't get freedom either!!


too much simplification

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

What he forgets, is that people only want freedom when they have nothing to lose.

not sure on that