Ayatollahs' Last Gasp


Ayatollahs' Last Gasp
by alimostofi

Iranian minister woos India for investment as Western sanctions bite, currency tumbles - The Washington Post


Old Economics
Old economic models do not work anymore. People buy goods, and sell goods in completely different ways. That is why economists cannot figure out how the world will get out of this mess. As far as Iran is concerned, the war will be on Ayatollah's economy, not Iran's economy. This is a surgical operation to feed the alternative Iranian economy. I wrote this in my report called Persian Pirates, and soon enough the alternative economy killed the Rial. Well done guys!

Ayatollah Sanctions
Ayatollahs, have sanctioned Iran much longer, and much more effectively, than anything US has done. Your average Iranian is already crushed, but living off Persian Pirates. So the extra pressure is actually hurting the mullahs more. The only major country apart from China that trades with the Ayatollah economy, is India. Once that is squeezed, the mullahs will be history. This is how.

US forces India
India has a lot of capitalist haters. India has a lot of US haters. Having said that, US government and US corporations, have invested a lot in India. US government will pass laws. They will produce list of US-Indian companies, and force them to make a choice. India's government will realize that they cannot have it both ways. They have to make a choice. Is it Ayatollahs or US? That is what EU had to do, and it worked. They chose US. India will choose US.

Powerless Ayatollahs
The bottom line, is that the Ayatollahs are powerless, if India wishes to remove them. Just the same way they nourished Khomeini at Lucknow, and sent him to Iran. They will now do the reverse, and decide to not deal with the Ayatollahs. Most of the Hezbollahis will go to India once Iranians throw them out.

Ayatollahs Panicking
Right now the Ayatollahs are panicking. That is why they have sent their Ayatollah business team to India, begging for business. It is their last gasp for business.



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