Bite your tongue Vice President Biden with that comment on Iran


Bite your tongue Vice President Biden with that comment on Iran
by alimostofi

Ryan, under pressure in debate, struggles to detail foreign policy:


"“These are the most crippling sanctions in the history of sanctions. Period,” Biden said. “There is nothing more that they say we should do than we have already done.”"

Oh it makes my blood boil!

The US has openly told the whole world, that it does not stop the Chinese from importing oil from the Ayatollahs. Biden knows this, and yet he makes statements like that. He is a big liar.

The US has two massive companies in China, that basically run a slave trade there. We all know the working practices of Wal-Mart and Apple. No need for elaboration there. But look at the table above and understand who is keeping these wretched Ayatollahs alive.

Now this is the important bit. These companies need a lot of energy, and they need it cheap, to operate their factories in China. Where does the energy come from? It comes from the Ayatollahs in Iran. No decent humanitarian government in Iran, would provide energy to China, under the current working practices. But the Ayatollahs are not decent, or humanitarian.

People tell me, "But Ali, what are the alternatives? Surely it would be worse, if there were no companies in China". The answer is, that the people of China are being ruled by a military regime that needs money. It cannot survive once its economy dives. And by the way it is falling at the moment. Time to abort China.

So what is the answer. The answer is for the oil not to be used for energy. The answer is for the US to establish its factories, in areas where people are treated humanely. There are plenty of governments around the world, that have such laws. I personally would prefer to pay more, for a product that has a label on it, that says that it was produced under humane working practices.



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I agree with your analysis.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

the media and journalists areand have been failing human beings for ages.  I'm not sure US politicians feel they are representing human beings, they are playing ths message that will give their campaign the most money, that is given to them by political groups which represent the rich/big money/corporations who choose them, their message and more.  Politicians are not leaders, but performers today.  Their position is purchased in actuality, the masses who donate to them, have no idea they are acting on  behalf of a purchased reputation and sales, so they are donating as an end result of having been sold corporate interests given to political groups. 

The USA is a democracy only in some elements of its system, the process over rides the peoples votes by intensity of exposure when money comes into it as the key means of winning, so in practice it is not a democratic society, while the skeleton/system has democratic elements/ie people have to vote /though choice is not as it appears, the masses can not express themselves against predatory banks, predatory weapons manufacturers, predatory energy companies however they vote etc etc none of these businesses have the people as their main concern either.


A Dispensible Commodity

by alimostofi on

Amir: Politicians have to lie, to be politicians. Thank goodness for democracy, they only last a few years.

They are motivated by the feeling they are "representing people", when they aren't really. But they are not as bad as correspondents and journalists, who are failed politicians. They will try to make a fool out of politicians.

And the world is stuck with these two animals, who take up so much of our lives. Iran was crushed by them in the times of the Shah, with all sorts of lies, that divided Iranians. Suddenly perfectly good friends started to argue, because some idiot wrote something about a silly politician.

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Human Rights means zilch to the US Govt, like how the truth

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

doesn't matter to its leadership.... regardless of party, Its actions show it is a total hypocrissy in contrast to what it says, yet with its immense and unparalelled power being on the path it is on means it can continue until at some point it will no longer have the means to sustain its policies.  That will be a time of opportunity for Iranians, who are being enslaved, humilated, murdered and robbed by both IRI and USA which has kept the IRI secure.  Its funny that you picked up on Biden as a disingenuous liar , most of the public are clueless and just believe him.  The USA cut the oil to Mossadeghs govt, they haven't done 1/1000th what they did to Mossadegh in support of the late shah.

Regarding Lies, Ali, are you ever surprised at how stupid the last Iranian generation were to believe everyone but the shah regarding his character, as it was being demonized using propaganda?  The one about being an autocrat/despot/dictator really surprises me to this day.  It's just such a worrying level of stupidity for me, and on national scale, one wonders what Iranians are expecting to accomplish following stupid self serving lies.  Then there are the anti-monarchists that continue the lie in fear they will be figured out.  Though I think the younger generation pretty much knows what they are up to and can see through them.