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I see all the protests, and my gut reaction is, "why can't it happen in Iran?" Then logic kicks in, and it tells me, "look at the past, the bloodshed". Wherever I look, whatever I read, gives me a bad solution. I do not want death. I want change. All the cameras in the world, all the microphones, all the keyboards, are ready, and not one of them looks at this situation.So then it occurred to me. They are controlling us. They will make money from street protests broadcasts. They make a lot more money from selling pictures of bleeding Iranians. We are entertainment. It's sick.Then I thought, "the aliens' big day is on 22 Bahman. Let's not give them any scenes to broadcast that they like." The feeling behind that idea was deep. Logic even said "let's produce a show that is not going to kill, and will show power out of their control. As all the communications were always through them, no unified opposition that was real could be broadcasted. So my gut feeling and logic agreed. The feeling wanted expression. The logic was practical. We needed to pull the curtains. Our feelings had pulled the curtains on the aliens a long time ago. Now we needed to show our curtains. So all we needed to do was to pull the curtains during the day of 22 Bahman. Show of unity and no bloodshed. More importantly we all know we all know, and they know that.


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Yes, they make money

by Rea on

out of people bleeding to death. But, al least, they let you know.

Btw, you also fill soomebody's pockets when you click. Does it bother you?


The question to ask. Will

by alimostofi on

The question to ask. Will the pro mullah media show all the windows in Iran, or would they be blinded by Islam?

Ali Mostofi