Diplomacy with ...

by alimostofi

"We will now press for a further sanctions resolution,'' the British minister wrote in the opinion piece published today. ``We cannot be afraid of diplomacy with teeth. The alternatives are all worse.''
What is the point of diplomacy with teeth that does not include oil trading? The Chinese have clearly stated, that they will not be party to any aggreement, that would stop the flow of oil. And then you have the UK being the centre of military precurement. Unlike the US, the UK is not forcing companies to choose between the Seyyeds and UK.


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MasoudA, when historians

by alimostofi on

MasoudA, when historians write the history of these centuries, it will be very obvious that the world was besieged by oil and arms trade. Only non violent resistance can win. With the power of the internet, non violent resistance is possible. 

Ali Mostofi




You da man

by masoudA on

Ali Jaan - thanx for making one of the best posts on this forum today - very informative - especialy your summary.  I wish more people could learn to leave "Shoars" aside and get to the point(s). 

Do you think there is anyone in UK withh balls to take on BP ? 

Who detrmines BP strategies ?   I certaionly hope nobody in Riaz !!  how much BP and Riaz are in bed together these days ?    Knowing the Brits - not much - I hope.