Divisions amongst Iran's Seyyeds

by alimostofi

"If they (the West) want to have serious negotiations, in fair conditions and taking into account the interests of the two parties, they must first stop threatening."His comments came a week after the UN Security Council tightened sanctions against Tehran over its refusal to heed the world body's calls to freeze uranium enrichment, a potential weapons-making process


This is contrary to what Ahmadinejad says. He says that he will never negotiate and the threats are useless.

In fact neither have a right to speak on behalf of Iranians. The UN should throw out this theocracy and ask for a mandate to create a new Iranian government that is based on Human Rights and no capital punishment. The representatives can be the most successful Iranians in both business and academic world who love Iran first above anything else. UN will ask them to come and represent Iran.

Once this provisional new government in exile is produced, the UN negotiations can take place with them, and the people of Iran will be properly represented. It can be all done in the internet. Conferences can be taken via the internet with all participants linking in from all over the world.

There will then come a moment when this new government will tell the people to stay at home and not work if the Seyyeds do not just leave for Karbala or Najaf. In fact tell the Iraqi government to rent out homes for them.

Simple. .


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shotor dar khab binad pambe

by Guynextdoor (not verified) on

shotor dar khab binad pambe daneh
gahi lof lof khorad gah dane daneh

grow up Mr. Anonymous

They had their chance AND THEY BLEW IT!!


I propose that the UN nominate Ashraf Pahlavi

by AnonymousIranian (not verified) on

I hereby propose that the UN nominate a triumvirate to restore Pahlavi rule in Iran consisting of Ashraf Pahlavi (as the oldest and most experienced person), Shahbanu Farah, and Reza Pahlavi. All the mosques (Masjad Shah in Esfahan, Haram-e Emam Reza in Mashhad, etc) should be turned into either museums or public bathrooms. The country's Muslim population can be given a choice: convert to Zoroastrianism or leave Iran immediately. Since most Iranians are not Muslim, this shouldn't be a big problem.