The Human Tree of Iranians


by alimostofi

A question to ponder indeed 'What If The Iranian Establishment Needed Nuclear Weapons To Survive?' //

First of all, what is The Iranian Establishment? Is it really this death worshiping religion? If so, the author does not know the 20000 year spirit of Iranians. It is the very foundation of Human Rights and what we now call The Collective Consciousness. Humans are made of the same stuff.


We cannot prune our own tree.

Any form of killing will not remove what is bad in us. Good and bad always coexist. What is good for me may be bad for you. So there is no absolute good.

Blind belief systems self-destruct on the basis of false morality.

What ever you do will come back to you. Do bad, and bad will do you. Do good, and good will come to you. If you kill for some religious reason, then your religion will die. Simple. And that is exactly what is happening to the killers in Iran.

The cornerstone of non-violence

Whatever is done to remove the killers from Iran, cannot be done by violence that will haunt us later. We cannot play their game of violence. If we do, we will be like them. So the question is what else can you do?

Is there a magical solution?

And I am sure you will laugh with this solution. Imagine that in another reality there is a solution. You then ask yourself why are you in this reality? Why do you need to be in this timeline, when there is another one that is better?  Can you slide from one to the other? These are strange questions. But they appear once you refuse to kill. A different set of beliefs need to be accepted.


Do you have what it takes? 

If you seriously accept life, will you be protected against violence? Surely if there is a higher more powerful force, it should protect you? And so the basis of the better morality. And so we will win against killers.

Some will doubt it. They sit on a different branch of the tree. They need nuclear weapons.


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That's when you need more

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That's when you need more faith.

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Some will doubt it. That would be Western Civilization

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

And the world following them, from russia/china/india/israel/pakistan/iran .

They sit on a different branch of the tree. They need nuclear weapons. 

Like USA/UK/France.

You have a better morality, but can it really succeed?  Do you think we can win against killers without equal defensive/offensive capabilities in the military field, ahura doesn't seem to be helping us in this scenario if we are lead to becoming either victims of our own fear/needing nukes or victms of our lack of fear, not having any defenses or offensive capabilities vs neocolonialism and the military sales industry.