Iran gets helped by aliens from outer space


by alimostofi

I read this and my imagination went wild. This is the trip.

Iran could face UK military action over nuclear programme, says Hague | World news | The Guardia


Imagine the Earth is revisited by aliens, who were in Takhte-Tagdis (Throne of Solomon), Iran, at the last alignment some 20,000 years ago. They ask you what happened? You tell them that Iran had three Empires based on laws that were based on human rights. You then ask them "how come it all changed?" just when they were about to ask you the same question.

Stay with me folks as I make a big jump.  Do you know Tarot? There are many realities in your world, and you follow so many different paths at any point in time. If I can make you think of certain things more than others then you see less road signs ahead. Tarot cards sometimes show you things that you do not know. Lets put it a simpler way. You have a ball game and you have to prepare. If you get focussed and psyched up you get a better result. Your attitude is based on you wanting to select The Good Thoughts. Hey remember Good Thoughts Good Words Good Deeds. So if you get stuck look at the cards. Cards came from Iran. Now the cards can give you inspiration.

Now imagine some dork travelling in time, homes in on the time of Sassanians and decides to change things. The chain reaction would produce a timeline that pretty much brings you to where you are in now. Yes we did have a moment when Monguls stopped it, and helped to revive Iranian art and philosophy, but it came back with a vengance as Shiites thanks to my own ancestors. So I feel kind of responsible. Also my name is Ali who was the first apostate. Double whammy. The cards showed some clues. The Astrology showed more. With Moon going through Virgo, the next alignment around Chaharshanbehsoori will create an opportunity.

Anyway let's continue. So we have the aliens with you and you feel embarrassed. You say to them about the situation right now, and how people are dying, and the UN treats the murderers (Hezis) as representatives of Iranians. We look at the flow of money and goods, and we see it going through the waterway named after them The Straits of Hormuz. Then we look at how Iranians and the world, have been held hostage by the Hezis, and have forced the UN to take them seriously, as they have missiles pointing at Arab oil refineries. Iranians are under Hezi sanctions, and everything comes from China, and cheap oil goes there to fuel Apple and Wal-Mart slave factories for US consumers. US oil companies, weapon traders, drug dealers are all benefiting from this. It all goes through Hormuz. In short the whole country is one concentration camp. Hezis=Nazis. It's a big Catch-22.

So you are confused, and you have an alien with you, and you about to ask him and he asks you instead, "What can we do? You are our children. Remember how you and the Atlantians came to Iran after Atlantis sank, and you had to come Zagros, and we made Parse, with all those grand murals of half man and animals? It seems people still cannot understand why those columns are so high and all the other space age unexplainables". You say to him in plain words, "Get us out of this mess!" So he says the answer is easy. Block Hormuz. It does not matter who does it. The UN will get involved and the world will monitor it. The funny part is that, because that solution would pretty much get rid of Hezis either way, it won't happen. But if the Chinese get their oil from Arabs, then Hezis would react and they will be out of the picture forever. So there might be a solution.

So why hasn't this happened already? Imagine it is all sorted, and world history as you know it, is completey rewritten. A lot of people would lose out. Suddenly people will find stuff, which would make all the religious books written in the past 2000 years redundant. Oh oh.. Then there this new religion cooked up by the French, that dissolves countries. It is called Democracy. It forces people to accept whatever is voted. And it is abused.  And if the Hezis want to bulldoze aliens' buildings in Iran, there is nothing we can do, just like that dork did way back when. He burnt all our libraries.  So we have the heritage of the world and human rights at stake, not just oil or nukes. The alien is concerned. Good.


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R: Faravahar is an

by alimostofi on

R: Faravahar is an Astronaut. Some people think it is the symbol of Guardian Angel of Iranians.

Ali Mostofi




There is only one alien

by radius-of-the-persian-cat on

Briliant idea, but we all know who is this mysterious alien, don't we ? Its the Mahdi himself. He promised to arrive on-time to help Mahmoud Ah-my-dinner-jacket win the next general elections. As compared to this, blocking the street of Hormouz will be an easy task.