Iran wins Gold and Silver video

by alimostofi

Watch "Gold and Silver for Iran in 105kg Weightlifting" on YouTube

The medal ceremony video for Iran's Gold and Silver medal winners. I had an awful time with YouTube blocking good videos.

So I apologise for the quality. I had to make it look bad so that it was allowed. Then we had to look at that awful Ayatollah flag. Total disgrace to all Iranian.

But to make it really bad we had the mullah anthem. What a load of rubbish. I put my own rendition of Ey Iran to make it a bit more bearable.

At the end this was an amazing day. The most important victory is for Ehsan Hadad who became the first ever Iranian to win an Athletic event with a Silver for Discus. Wow.


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Update: guess what they

by alimostofi on

Update: guess what they blocked that video in uk. I don't know whether it will work elsewhere. Anyway here is another one that they have not blocked.

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