Iranicus Invictus


by alimostofi

"I would like to thank you for what you have done for your country" said Nelson Mandela to Francois Piennar, when South Africa beat the New Zealand Rugby Team.  And Francois Piennar replied to Nelson Mandela, "No sir, I would like to thank you for what you have done for your country".

This is what does not happen in today's Iran, as there is no one in Iran that unites Iran under the name of Iran.  The Ayatollahs represent Islam, not Iran.  You would never get them to put Iran above anything else, especially Islam.  Iranians, as Iranians, embrace all thoughts and cultures.  We have been doing so longer than any nation in the world.  Our culture is the oldest, and we introduced Human Rights well before anyone else in a book called Zend-Avesta. No one can deny that.  As such we are Invictus.

Iranians have been ignoring Ayatollahs ceremonies for a long time.  Iranians cannot go into the streets, as they will get killed.  So they will be human beings and just not participate in religious rituals.  So when we hear that it is the Ayatollahs strength that keeps them in power against such things as Green Movement, that is wrong.  The Green Movement lost the hearts and minds of the Iranians, the moment their leaders embraced the Islamic republic over and above Iran.  That is why it failed.  So there is no Iranian movement as such.

The people of Iran do not have a leader.  All the people lead Iran.  Every Iranian is forced to keep Iran alive in his or her heart, and make sure that no one abuses the culture of Iran.  You cannot compare the joy of Iranians during Nowruz to anything else in Iran.  No religion has ever managed to dissolve that. They cannot kill our hearts and soul.  A force is inside every Iranian.

The people of Iran have made sure, that the aliens that put their non-Iranian ideas over and above Iranian culture, are clearly visible as so called "rulers" of Iran.  For too long, they mingled amongst Iranians.  Now they have been filtered out of the Iranian fabric.  No artist in Iran thinks of them.  No poet thinks of them.  The mind of the Iranian does not linger over non-Iranian ways.  It is hungry for all that is Iranian, just because it is under the gun of aliens.  Suffering does not exist if we do not think it exists.

They will inflict pain, to incite anger, but Iranians can take their anger and absorb it, as we have more beautiful Iranian things to think about.  All cultures of the world that exist have this attitude.  The Ayatollahs' own culture has that attitude.  Let it be.  They are they, and we are we.  The universe is bigger than both of us.

One day soon the lights will go out, just to remind them who shines in Iran. One day white flags will be outside all the windows.  One day Iranians will only shake hands with Iranians, and say "dorood".  One day Iranians will only smile to Iranians.  One day we will all laugh together.  On his birthday Zoroaster was known to have laughed, and one day laugher will bind Iranians as Vohuman is in all Iranians.  With Good Thoughts we will be united, with Good Words we will laugh, and our Good Deed will be to act in unison.  That action would not be as a reaction to a non-Iranian thought, but an action based on an Iranian thought.

As Iranians can see what is Iranian, they will not show national respect for Ayatollah rituals. World media that supports the Ayatollahs will show them as Iranian, but all Iranians know the real truth.  We have the largest non-English Bloggers and Twitterers and we will show our Good Mind.


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