Lavrov's Blackmail

by alimostofi

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov is to go to Iran on Tuesday for a previously unannounced visit.

Mr Lavrov is due to hold talks with President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at 1930 local time (1600 GMT).

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No country has so much power over the Seyyeds, so much so that, at a drop of a hat the Russians, can pop over for a chat. And what has Mr Lavrov done for "World Peace"? Absolutely nothing. Actually he has done a lot. He has used the Seyyeds, to negotiate some great concessions from the West. He did the same from the Europeans when he switched the gas off. And that leads me to the opposition forces of Iran. Thirty years ago Shahanshah Aryamehr talked about the mighty pipeline to Europe, just in case of the Soviets threat did show its ugly head.


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حکم ذلبق فاق فاق فآق