Monkey business

by alimostofi

The Iranian president called for drawing up of a comprehensive plan for OPEC and establishment of an specialized bank called "OPEC Bank" to safeguard the hard currencies of OPEC member states.


First the madman said that Iran will not trade in US dollars. But did that mean that the Chinese bought crude oil in Euros? No. Next he went on about creating a new oil bourse in Kish. Did that change anything? No. The world still looks at the WTI and Brent in US dollars. Finally he learnt how feable and pathetic he is, when the major banks of Iran were thrown out of the world's financial system. So the poor chap and his brigade of zombies are so arrogant, that they want the world to trade in what presumably would be called Opecs. Can you imagine going to a bar in London, and asking "how many Opecs is it for a beer?" You know that is why we call him Antarinejad (Antar means monkey). This monkey is full of tricks and he thinks he is so clever. Any peanuts anyone for the monkey?


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Expensive German Dogs for Ahmadinejad

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Expensive German Dogs for Ahmadinejad
Posted by Kamangir on November 16th, 2007

The Persian blogger Istgah reports that the four dogs recently added to Ahmadinejad’s security team have been purchased form Germany for $150,000 each [Persian]. The bomb-seeking dogs are used before his public attendances. The blogger reports that quite often the security team treats people offensively during the operation of the dogs. The “Discover and Defuse” dogs are used despite the utilization of other measures such as security gates and guarding patrols. Dogs are considered to be “filthy” by Muslims. Furthermore, no dog is used in the security team of other administration figures, including the Supreme Leader. Mentioning these points, the blogger concludes, “This is in contradiction with Ahmadinejad’s repeated claims that he is all for a simple life style”.