The Old Quiet Force in Iran


by alimostofi

I read that sanctions leave Hezbollah in Iran with few options for selling oil // The Hezbollah in Iran can't get hard cash. They have to use barter trade. People in Iran are fed up with Chinese and Indian products. People want to buy goods in the world market place.

And so this dialogue comes to mind.

Iranians always want it both ways. We cannot decide to make a decision that makes a compromise. We like to keep all options open. Just look at how most people just fled Iran, instead of staying and fighting for Iran.

But some did stay and fight. They are the only people who cannot leave Iran, and have nothing to lose. They will have to fight for Iran. Ironical.

So who will fight for Iran?

This question has always been the same for all nations. The people who fight for a nation, are those who have benefited the least, are most desperate, but cannot leave that country. It sounds completely the reverse of what you think, but it is true.

Anyone else?

The other group are the people who have really made a lot of money, and are ruling the desperates.

Political theory - failed.

At some point the poor will take on the rulers. That is basic and most of you know this. This is the so called "revolutionary" principle. It has not worked in Iran.

Why has it failed?

In the case of Iran. We have had people smuggling stuff across the borders for thousands of years. It is impossible to control. These people are even more difficult, to trace and control, than the mountains and valleys that surround Iran.

They have managed to avoid both the Hezbollah and international sanctions. These people take initiatives for themselves, and can become a potent force, if the push comes to the shove as they say. But they are more than what is typically portrayed in the video.


So far they have all minded themselves, and Hezbollah forces have good links with them. They are weaponized, so they can punish IRGC officers. Yes it is the other way round. 

These smugglers are the only forces that can turn against the Hezbollah in Iran. Very little is written about the sly cunning smugglers of Iran, but they hold the key.

They individually feed the poor, and do special deals all the time. Each individual smuggler will lose a lot. But he or she needs to collaborate now. So they will form groups to keep themselves strong. They need to keep their market.

And so begins a new fighting force in Iran no one as yet has heard about, built on the oldest spirit there is. And they will do what is right quietly. Good luck to each one of you all. Remember that it was this old spirit that united the whole world from China to Israel via The Throne of Solomon.



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