The Panama Canal of Middle East


by alimostofi

Recently there has been a lot of news on Straits of Hormuz. The only people who have gained from this news, are the Republican Party candidates in US. They get a lot of funding from military suppliers, to get re-elected. The same is true for the military suppliers of the Revolutionary Guards in Iran (IRGC), but they are permanently in power. So the main reason for all the hoo haa, and that is what it really is, hoo haa, is to get more campaign funding for US Republican Party. The days of USSR and Communism have gone, and Hezbollahis are filling their shoes admirably.

The Chinese are also in the news. All of a sudden, after all these years, the deals that the Chinese are making with the Hezis, is being scrutinized. Why? You know these Chinese have managed to side step any sanction on Hezis. But now they are under pressure. There is a carrot and a stick. The Saudis are saying they will buy nuke material from the Chinese and replace the 500,000 bpd from the Hezis. That way they won't get any stick from US. Wal-Mart can continue making stuff with low costs in China. There is more on all that below:


The main effect of all this has been to seriously piss off the Hezis. All of a sudden they are panicking. All sorts of theatrics have been displayed. But it is all a waste of time. Why? Because a new Panama Canal of the Middle East is about to be opened in March. It is called the Oil Bypass Canal. So this bypass surgery will prevent a world oil heart attack. Now what are the IRGC going to do?

But the real question is, how are the Republican party members in US, going to replace these fake bogeymen, who have managed to get money for military suppliers? US military industrial complex is a third of their GDP. A lot of jobs are at stake. 9/11 kicked off what was a new economic upturn with all that money going into war with Iraq and Afhghanistan. Nobody minded. They were on a mission to save those countries in the name of Democracy against the evil inside them. But somehow they don't want to do the same for Iranians. Somehow the Taliban in Iran is different from the one in Afghanistan.

Remember how they told us that missiles can hit Europe from Saddam bases. They don't say that when it comes to Iran. They say Iran is going to have nukes, when it is Hezbollah Party that is responsible. It is very easy for the mainstream media to free Iran. They just need to say Hezbollah are responsible, just like they singled out Al-Qaeda. But they don't. They even say that if an attack on Hezbollah in Iran did take place, the people of Iran would support them.

The mainstream media thinks that, the Iran that supported the Hezbollah Party in Iran against Saddam, is going to support the Hezbollah Partty in Iran again against a UN attack on Hezbollah bases in Iran and elsewhere in Middle East. Every anti US liberal like Pepe Escbar says this. All these guys who have a higher moral ground say "Iran" when they mean Hezbollahis.

So what needs to be done is what our King has just done. He wrote to UN and asked them to look into the crimes against humanity in Iran. His premise is humanitarian. He believes that the Royal Institution and Iran's own ancient moral roots as enshrined in our culture is not viable. If he was a Zoroastrian King wanting a secular Iran as it was in 7th century AD he would have acted differently. But the guts of the Zend Avesta is human rights and free will, so it comes to the same thing. But I would have liked a reference to the roots of human rights as written in our culture. That is Iran's. It is our contribution to the world.

Now let's go back to the Republican party. They need war. An attack on Hezi bases on the back of a humanitarian effort to save Iranians and to knock out nukes is justified. There will be no support for Hezis. The IRGC will escape to Najaf and stay there. End of story. Seems neat enough. So expect more news about military build up. Expect oil to go up. Expect China's new leadership and Russia's new leadership to support the new Iran to be born, once Hezbollah is shown as the root of all this mess and not Iran.


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