Religion has no effect on Iranian nationalism now

by alimostofi

Threats to use force on Iran are also counterproductive because they tend to fuse Iranian nationalism with religious fanaticism.


Can we really say that a war with Iran, will fuse Iranian Nationalistic values such as Nowrooz with Seyyed dogma again as ZB and Carter planned it in the 80s. I believe, from the massive non violent protest Iranians showed; in boycotting the Seyyed selection process, the Iranians have shown that the Seyyeds do not have their hearts and minds. No one takes the slightest notice of them. The people of Iran are mostly young and are not mesmerised by Seyyed dogma. People of Iran have reached deeper into history and have found 20,000 years of Iranian history. They have sought the peaceful non violent approach to be rid of this dogma from their minds. Anyone who tries to wage war will be faced by peaceful general strike of millions of Iranians, that would paralyse the Seyyed rulers and their international trade partners. The US companies in China would lose out heavily, if Chinese's energy needs were interrupted. ZB really needs to realise that the people of Iran will not fall for the same trap twice. The future of Iran is with the youth who will continue to look for peaceful modern approaches. The old Seyyeds will not have the support to do what ZB thinks would happen if the US bombs Iran. Ask any Iranian and they will tell you that the Americans put the Seyyeds there in the first place. So any bombing would not create the environment ZB is on about.


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