Seyyed calls Norway inhuman

by alimostofi

“We are sorry to hear that some state officials in Norway have ignored adopting a policy based on facts and respect for the governing laws and regulations in other countries through exerting their views which help promote and courage crimes and wrongdoing in other societies,” he said.

It absolute madness for anyone looking at the freedom of the Norwegians, to think that their laws are worse than Seyyeds' laws for Iranians.
It is also rediculous to assume that whatever happens between Israelis and Palestinians, should determine how the Seyyeds rule over Iranians.
These Seyyed sympathizers in Iran, have to say such things to satisfy the Seyyeds. The whole of Iran is ignoring the Seyyeds, with the women wearing makeup and as fashionable as ever, if not more. And the Seyyeds will never ever win the hearts and minds of Iranians.


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