Seyyeds build a new country

by alimostofi

The Seyyeds in Iran have a religious agenda, that is dictated from the likes of Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi, and not the Foreign Ministry. Ahmadinejad believes he is guided by some mystical force to establish the Caliphate state, and to ultimately reclaim Jerusalem for the return of the Shiite Mahdi. Iraq is the centre of the Shiite world and their holiest shrines are there. So to them everyone who is not Shiite is alien in that country. In that perspective "brotherly" comments from Ahmadinejad mean more than meets the eye. The US weakened the Sunnis who were the only force that stood up to the Shiites in Iraq. The US never managed to get any Shiite support in Iraq. So the US actually helped the Seyyeds' cause, even though their biggest foe are the Seyyeds in Iran. In conclusion the Seyyeds have enabled the neocons to rise to power, and vice-versa. They both need each other in this post Soviet era to keep energy prices up with pseudo threats to each other.


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to:Anonymouse 323242; If you do not believe on THE Master....

by aaj sr (not verified) on

The question is not the issue of Mossadegh or Fatemi:
As I am sure you understand, the writer is using Seyyed as a reference tittle for Khamene ee. Why do you confuse the issue?
Seyyed=Agha=Sir=Sarvar, someone who is related back to Moahmmad or his relatives or whatever, can be good, honourable or crazy, stupid or corrupt, therefore not any Sir, Sarvar, or related to Mohammad can be a 100% decent person.

However going further than that:
If you do not believe in the MASTER= Mohammad and his disciples, who cares for Mossaddegh, and Fatemi's tittle as seyyed?. They were decent not becasue they were Seyyed, becasue their deed was good, because they were VATAN PARAST and not necessarily ISLAM/SHIA PARAST.
Going one step further, who really cares for Mohammad, and other 12 Imams ( at least I do not ). This issue is not preclude Mossadegh or Fatemi who were pioneers of Iranians and defenders of Iranian National agendas.



by Anonymous323242 (not verified) on

Dr Hossein Fatemi, Iran's foremost democracy pioneer and Dr. Mossadegh's right hand man, was a seyyid you ignorant twit.