Seyyeds want Abraham's home at Ur, Iraq.


by alimostofi

Let's be practical folks. Ask yourself this. Who is doing the attacks right now? Or who started this latest round of bombings? Answer: the Seyyeds' men. All that has happened is the retaliation. Look at the source of the problem. It is the Seyyeds. Ever since they got themselves self-selected, the Sadr Brigade got going. All the other forces in Iraq are defensive for the most part. It took quite a lot of cheek from the Sadr Brigade to get the air strikes, and then they went back into their smelly holes like rats.

Fact is, that these yellow bellied people do not fight like real men; with a proper recognised army etc. The best they can do, is to get a bunch of heroin addicts to blow themselves up. That's why this is not a proper war. But we have a "huge magnifying glasses" effect on the situation, with the TV glorifying the tinniest skirmish.

So the Sad Sadr Brigade and some other Seyyed upstarts feel they are fighting for their "Holy Land". And they are the ones who instigate all the confrontations. It gets the oil price up, and Exxon loves it. Once the Chinese CNOOC gets there, then the southern Iraq will be Shiite and independent. But Abraham was born in Ur and the Israelis will not allow it. And that is their "Holy" reason.

Yes folks, if you thought Jerusalem was bad, think about Ur, and the fight between the two sons of Abraham. The Seyyeds more than the Sunnis think they are descedend from Abraham, and so they feel they are the real heirs of the "Throne of Abraham".

Now none of this really matters to Iranians, whose roots are 20,000 years old, from the Kiyanians and Pishdadians. We established the Declaration of Human Rights, to bring order to area. This was quite a bit more civilized compared to what Salman tried to do 2500 years later. What Cyrus and Jews did not do was to recognise the Qureshi descendants of Abraham. We know that Moses was helped by Arabs, who told him of the first son of Abraham. But what did Moses do in return? The first son of Abraham's descendants want to get back their land around Ur.

I am dwelling into these areas of the past, because they are at the root of the problem. As Iranians, with a very much older tradition, and we can look at all this trivia, and laugh. But we have been dragged into it, no thanks to the Seyyeds coming in force after the Safavids. My own ancestors were involved, and it is embarrassing. But I have gone beyond them. They did no know better. We know more than them, and it will be all sorted out, if all these questions are asked. Curiosity and Free Will clear the way


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I'm not as slick with words

by Guynextdoor (not verified) on

I'm not as slick with words as some of you guys are but could someone just explain to me what the above article is EXACTLY about? it seriously needs revising.

Khar Gir


by Khar Gir on

Wow ... I wonder who are the people living in Iran now? I thought they spoke Persian and went to Mosques last time I was there!


I rather see Seyyeds own rather than ....

by almo5000 on

I rather see that Sayyeds own Abraham's home than bunch of blood suckers from Tel Aviv (or their supporters).


Bravo, alimostofi

by mahmoudg on

You are absolutely correct in calling these Islamic terrorirsts Yellow bellied, that is what they are.  They have been practicing their fireband version of Islam for close to 15 centuries and it is time we true iranians bury them in their rat holes where ever they are.