Shahnameh's Eskandarnameh says Alexander the Great was Iranian


by alimostofi

As the Moon opposes Mercury and soon will conjunct with Jupiter is on the IC, coincidence has it that I stumbled across The Economist article about Shahnameh.  I put a comment there for a better link.  Looking further for the story of Alexander the Great in Shahnameh, I found this link:


 Here you will find one of the rare stories in the Shahnameh.  I say rare, as many versions of the Shahnameh do not print this.  Questions arise in the mind, and humans sense of curiosity and free will always stays alive and gets brighter in darkness.  I say this now, because in as much as the Greek historians and others such as Christian and Moslem ones have tried, they cannot take this truth away from the Holy History of any country especially Iran.

Btw Holy lands are not good things as it says in the Zend Avesta


This part of the Shahnameh answers the question, "Why did Alexander the Great never go back to Greece and marry an Iranian?"  "Why did he build his Empire in Iran and put the capital there?"

Thanks to Salman Parsi and Herodotus we do not have any other source of the history of Iran other than Shahnameh which itself is a version of an older book called Khodayeh Namak.  Some of the older families kept stories and he managed to do a bit of research with Zoroastrians of his time, and rewrote Iran's history in the language of his time.  He was not the first to do it, as the Sassanians did the same.  Nationalistic revival is what we Iranians are good at.  Even the Avesta is a version of the older works thanks to Zoroaster himself.

Iranians now are digging again. Most of us are able to think and connect spiritually. Our free and by the grace of other countries giving us space, we can now perhaps rewrite most of the world history. Bold statement, but true.

In short Alexander was called Sekandar as that is the name of the herb that cured a stomach upset his mother had.  His mother was called Nahid or Lyida.  The Greek King Philip of Macedon told a lie, that his son was Alexander.  Alexander's father was the Persian King and he kicked Nahid out because she had a stomach ache which gave her bad breath.  She was pregnant with Alexander when she was sent back to her father Philip.  The story goes that Astrologers told Philip that Alexander was going to be the ruler of the world and that the child should not be killed.  Lydia was told to never tell anyone about her pregnancy.

If you get chills reading this story then put a comment here.  I know that many Iranians are seeking to bring back Iran from our hearts.  The Spirit of Nowruz is with you as it was with all who love Iran.  Alexander marched into Iran because he looked like his father when he rode his horse in front of all the Iranian Generals.  They knew he was the true heir to the Iranian throne as they looked into his eyes.  His younger half-brother (from a second marriage of his father to an India princess) was a slob. He did not burn Persepolis.  The Greek girlfriend of his burnt the harem silk curtains.

And then you will ask why then did he conquer Iran?  Alexander the Great researched a lot about his path and Right of Passage as it were.  He visited all the holy places and consulted all the Spirits wherever he went.  He created the first world Empire that brought the East and the West together.  It was in his blood. He doubted himself after Lydia told him that she was not his older sister and that it was his right to rule the world.  The world that he created was based on new universal standards that crossed the full scope of the world as it was known then.  See the map from this link:


It lasted hundreds of years after him.  Philosophical interchanges and science as we know it began in Europe.  Later on after Iranian culture and science was wiped out because all our libraries were burnt by the Arabs, the world had something in Greece.  So Iranians got their identity back once the study of ancient history and philosophy was allowed in the west.  All we need to do now is to correct the Greek story.  Thank goodness Shahnameh's chapter on Alexander is around.

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