Total Rubbish

by alimostofi

Margerie also attacked the French government, fighting for new European sanctions against Iran. "Iran is a democracy of 65 million people with whom we have strong historic ties. We shouldn't have problems with Iran as a nation but there is a difference in the attitude of the present French government and the international community".



How gross, disgusting, morally irresponsible and greedy can a corporation get? These are descriptions commonly associated with US multinationals, not French. Yet this company along with many other French companies are the life blood of the Seyyeds. The money they give to the alien Seyyeds, does not go for hospitals and schools in Natanz, but for Centrifuges undergound.


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Alimostofi, I wish you were right, but...

by caspianseamermaid (not verified) on

...I have a feeling that your too optimistic about the 'diaspora'. I see lots of the headscarf nutters around....


Caspianseamermaid: We got

by alimostofi on

Caspianseamermaid: We got into this mess the last time the French and US agreed. So lord knows what "Ash" they are cooking this time. It really doesn't matter, because the Iranian diaspora is phenomenally well educated and connected via the internet. Not much can get passed us now.


Ali Mostofi



Welcome to the world of Global Capitalism and Free Marketeers

by Caspianseamermaid (not verified) on

'Been to France lately? Chunks of it are now owned by transnational corporations, which 'feed' the population with that idiotic idea of 'market democracy'.

Mind you, I am glad someone is standing up to that Fascist nouveau Sarkozy.