The US and British New Year began with Iranian New Year in Farvardin until 1752


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We Iranians all know that we can be proud of one thing for sure. Our calendar. Looked from an Iranian's perspective, the British calendar is seriously wrong. But there is more to this.

Have a look at this //, to read about a huge change that took place when their new year began. Read // for the root of the word January. Buried in this article you will see references to Diana which links to the words Dey and Deity.

These articles are a bit difficult to understand. Quite simply, the British calendar began on 4th of Aries or Farvardin. But they got their calculations all wrong, and their mathematicians could not work out a decent calendar, that did not fall out of synch with the seasons.

So they decided to change it all, and suddenly Jan 1st became 25 March as we know it now in 1752. Sounds wild. Imagine that for centuries your whole year in UK and US began in Spring as January, but you are told that it begins in Winter.

So what's the big fuss now? Well, all those going into geneology sites are going mad. The dates are all messed up. We Iranians use a proper Astrological calendar that connects with our position in the Cosmos. So if you look back at your great ancestors date of birth as Sharivar, you will know exactly when he was born and his character. Powerful.

Obviously if the Brits had adopted our calendar, then they would be admitting to their inferiority. They call us Pagan. You wonder why we Iranians managed to have three three hundred year empires. We had invented the zero and had good grasp of time. That enabled us to plan. One of main reasons Roman Empire collapsed was that they did not use zeros.

So, as you sit and enjoy your Easter break in US or UK, remember that for hundreds of years this was the beginning of the year, as in Iran. Ironically it is still the beginning of their financial year.


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