V Day


by alimostofi

So many years, so many poems, so many stories, so many songs, so many wishes have been written about love by Iranians.  I am not a literally expert, but I am watching the film Valentine's day, and was about to write about Hafez, and I hear  the commentator of the film say, "800 years ago poor old Rumi said, all we want is love's confusing joy". Not a word about where Rumi is from.

Why do we Iranians go about screaming about our identity, "Iranians were the first to do this ... were the first to do that .." etc etc all the time?. Because of the zero credit we get.  On top of that we get the moslems telling us Iranians who to love and be spiritual.  If you are an Iranian, you know how to love longer than any other, as your love produced the trust that produced civil order and the world's first civilization and Empire.  It did not happen under the force of the sword. There were words. We invented writing. Iranians are the masters of love and the bonds it creates.

There are different types of love. You have the very formal public ones, and then there are the secret loves. St Valentine created secret marriages and this concept is derived from the secret unions formed, in what Astrologers call Aquarian or corporate or indirect relationships. Bahman or Vohuman is all about humanitariansim and the Good Mind, based on Universal love. Uranus the ruler of Aquarius is exhalted in Scorpio.

So you see a person every day at the same place, the same time, and you know, or you have an inkling that there is something there.  You say to yourself, "na baba, beekhyal, deevonei?" or "forget it man, are you nuts?" But it is deep, and you feel it.

Imagine the love Iran had to it people when they were brainwashed by religion, and she had to get them back.  Imagine her Caspian, her Damavand, her ruined Persepolis, and most important of all her Takhte Tagdis being renamed Takhte Sulaiman, just so her love is seen.  So much of her love is ruined, and yet she still loves her children.  I see her even in the foreign movies, even when the film writer does not give her credit.

We need to show it the Iranian way, and make it clear that other ways are not representing Iran. She needs proper representation. Our victory comes when everyone gives Iran the credit she needs.


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