Venus enters Tir or Cancer 2012

by alimostofi

Venus enters Tir or Cancer 2012

As you all know I am doing all of this to help Iranians understand something they invented well before organised religion too over.

Organised religion or theocracy was the dictum for the past 2012 years for argument sake. We astrologers in Iran measured the precession of the Equinox and knew that there will be "Ages" as it were.

In the Zend Avesta we read about the various leaders at the start of each of these 2000 year Ages. Jamasp indentified them. They were called Sayaoshants or Saviours. Jesus Christ was the one for the Age of Esfand or Pisces. Iranian astrologers greeted him.

We are now entering the Age of Aquarius. I know what you are asking, and the answer is I do not know who are what is the Sayaoshant now. It could be the internet. Who knows.

Anyway one of the more interesting features of this Age, was the role played by Venus. Heck its on the Islamic flags as a star. Venus is the equivalent of love, law, art, culture, female. Or to put it bluntly a heck of a lot of what we would call civilization. Not war or ego or macho etc etc

So imagine that energy being ripped apart by two thugs. Yeah. One is Pluto and the other is Uranus. So what happens to all common elements of decency and law? Out the window.

Expect major changes in area related to deals, partnerships or any bond. Now don't sit there scared. Go and really use the positive can do attitude, and establish, and assert yourself. Revist all these bonds and refresh them. Shake 'em up.

The trigger will be when the Moon makes 90 degrees to Pluto Uranus and Venus. Most of the time it will be on week-ends. So yep we will have divorces and market volatility. All bonds will be tested. Rock on. We need to do this to strengthen the foundations. Law and order will turn into chaos. Pandemonium. Hang in there.

I will keep you all posted on my Moon reports.


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