What needs to be said about Iran


by alimostofi

What I am about to say is not that new. You have thought of it before, and maybe wondered why.

Why do we Iranians have to be associated with anti anything. In particular why do we need to be associated with being anti-Israeli? Why is it that the world media points to the Ahmadinejad crowd, and then associates what he does with Iran? We know that they know. But they know that they should always refer to the Iranian population that is not with those fanatics.

We never get a press report that respects the history of human rights in Iran when we are talking about Israel. They would rather paint the whole of Iran as the bogey man, in whatever context they are talking about.

Ok maybe a handful of aliens are siphoning the oil and hiding nasty equipment in Iran, but let me assure you, that the people of Iran, have no need to put themselves in harms way. We have more important things to spend money on. But the crazy mullocracy is on a different orbit.

To me, and maybe to you, the blame rests on the media or the reporter, that is anti-Israeli or anti-US, and wants to show all the usual dead-end scenarios.

Once the world accepts the Iranian component that is derived from The Ancient Philosophy of Iran as is enshrined in The Zend-Avesta, then the spirit of peace will be asserted. The Judeo-Christian writers of course do not really accepts this. They will not see that part of our history, and we are all suffering from that ignorance. Yes it is ignorance. I don't mind saying it that strongly because it throws a strong curve ball that they cannot ingore.

Putting Iranian culture into a deeper more meaningful historical context is what is needed. Oh it is easy to brush me off as an old oaf who is rambling on about the ancient past that has nothing to do with the present. But if you do, you have absolutley no knowledge of aspects of the universe that are beyond time.

We can improve our present state of affairs if we have a different perspective of history. The media has all to do with presenting all that consistently and coherently. The professors and all the other toffs in the high places might not know the truth or are not willing to admit to principles that would uproot their ideologies.

So we Iranians are stuck. A few like me get worked up, and spew our guts out in blogs, thanks to JJ et al, otherwise it would never be brought out to the open.

I will of course indulge more if people are willing in a decent open dialogue.


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Eroonman: the reason why the

by alimostofi on

Eroonman: the reason why the voice of Iran was heard, was because the main news agencies were locked up. Citizen journalism took over from forums and twitter.

We have a major problem. It is not mullacracy. It is the media. Our war is the propaGANDa war the like of BBC AP Reuters etc are waging against our culture.
The mullahs would be out in a week if the agencies wanted so.

Ali Mostofi




Actually, there's more that needs to be said...

by eroonman on

The reason why we are lumped in with the baddies, is that collectively we don't appear to stand for anything.

The first visible example of defiance against oppression was this summer, and as you saw, the world literally poured out support.

30 years of collective silence both inside Iran and outside have labeled us unreliable and cowardly. One short summer of marches, as heroic and honorable.

I know that my American friends have asked about Iran with more respect this summer, than they did before this summer. These conversations were always filled with earnest respect and admiration for the protests. In stark contrast to the way Iran was discussed in the past 30 years before.

See a pattern?

Silence = Being presumed to be Cowardly = Being treated suspiciously

Voiced Opposition = Being presumed to be Courageous = Being treated with respect

As Iranians we need to voice more opposition. It is clearly good for us and also ultimately good for Iran.


Iranians = Iranians = because it is "easier" that way

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Everything is sacred.