Who represents Iran?


by alimostofi

Members of the United Iraqi Alliance had said the delegation was sent to Tehran to tell Iran to stop backing Shi'ite militias fighting U.S. and Iraqi security forces, underscoring Iraq's unease over the influence of its powerful neighbor.


The Seyyeds' oligarchy in Iran, are hardly in control of Iran, let alone some die-hards who have gone to Sadr City. But they are in control of the essential machinery of the state in Iran, to stop the regular army and the true Iranians to stop them.

I have already written at great length, about how Iranians can realise that they have the real power. Fact is that Iran has yet to have a social fabric on which it can create a instantaneous public outrage against the Seyyeds.

How do you create such a social fabric? Iranians are very good at making carpets, so why can't we weave one for all of us to stand on, and use to express our nationalistic sentiments? It is all part of being a primitive democracy. At the moment we have gone from voting to not voting.

Remember the first time the people of Iran went and voted; after Khomeini asked them to decide to trash Iran for an Islamic Republic. And they did, we are told. No one really knows. Nowadays people just abstain. So people do not participate socially any more.

Social participation will take time, but the new channels for it are being build along the modern networks such as internet blogging, and text messaging, which the Seyyeds are fighting. In this age of Aquarius the world will move forward via concensus. There really is no mouth piece such as a King anymore. So threads are started and concensus is sought.

Iranians have set up forums such as Iranian.com and the like, and are able to assimilate their thoughts. This process is fine for mutual understanding, but strategies to put into action any opposition for confrontation is difficult. It requires one of the Seyyeds to be part of the forum, and be defeated in a debate. That does not happen. And none of us can go on the Seyyed TV, to take them on and live.

So there needs to be as I have said, an appointment of a selected group of Iranians who are the best in the world at this time; who want to put Iran First and represent Iran in Exile. All forums will be linked in and concensus achieved. The UN needs to recognise this body, and kick out the Seyyed Rep.

It seems like a crazy idea, but there is no other non violent solution. Once the world listens and accepts this body, the Seyyeds, who are well known will be surrounded in their bunkers and faced with the threat of a General Strike. The rest is academic. No blood is spilled.


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Some very interesting

by alimostofi on

Some very interesting comments. And it seems that as the last commentator put it, many in Iran quite fashionably but in good faith did become religious.

However they now know that their faith within is the same as the non violent and very ancient spirit of Iran.

The people of Iran have found a new moral order, and the Seyyeds are not part of it.

The Seyyeds do not want to represent Iran. They love their Seyyedom somewhere in Iraq. Let them.

But what Seyyedom has to do with Iran, I do not know. We have our own 20000 year old culture.

Ali Mostofi




Ali Agha...

by Anonymouss (not verified) on

Your intentions are good, but your presentation is faulty. Consider a couple of things.

There are lots of Seyyeds in iran, some pro-regime, some against, so that is not a relevant basis for judging them. Rafsanjani is not a Seyyed but an architect of murder for the regime.

Most of these Seyyeds are self-made during the safavid era. It was fashionable and profitable then to be a Seyyed. So some assumed Seyyed-hood as a way of getting ahead. It is rumored that even brits sent some well-groomed brit-made Seyyeds from India to iran to influence the religious government, among whom khomeini's ancestors may have been a genuine brit-certified seyyed.

There are just too many Seyyeds in iran to make any mathematical sense since from the time of prophet there has only been under 40 generations and thus you cannot end up with so many Seyyeds among so many city and village residents like turks (like khamenei).

In other words, being Seyyed is a business and nothing more.

As for someone who claimed ahmadinejad relates to people better. Unfortunately that is correct. He "relates" to some better because what he pretends to be. His political election resume indicated a humble ordinary person with no mention of his intended internal or external policies. In view of those policies he does not represent people even though he may relate to some. He does not care about people's interests and he does not respect them; he is a slave of his ideology in service of other objectives such as freedom for Qods even though his stance on that matter and like could be very costly for the people of iran. He does not see it and he does not understand it, and he does not believe in it.

Michael Mahyar Hojjatie

I agree with what the doctor said.

by Michael Mahyar Hojjatie on

We MUST unite and stop caring about only associating with other hamvatan we can benefit from (be it their money, their social status, their knowing many members of the opposite sex, their being invited to nice parties, whatever!) and have the same fierce loyalty all other ethnic groups do before we wipe ourselves out in a few generations. I don't know EXACTLY the how and why this ever started, but it's revolting! You see someone's last name as Iranian, it is your duty to be loyal to them until they spite you otherwise! The rest of the world is against us, and we're against each other on top of that? You don't see something utterly wrong with that? I do! Or don't be loyal, and see how inept our culture becomes as it dwindles down the road! Just because we've been around forever, doesn't mean we still will be if we're our own worst enemies!!!


wait WHAT? Amadinejad represents Iranians?

by joon (not verified) on

I'm Iranian and he doesn't represent me, nor my immediate family nor my extended family NOR any other iranian that I know of...and I live in Southern California. As for iranians living in Iran, you will find even more virile hatred for the akhoonds there rather than here...


I agree with

by anti-ahmadinejad (not verified) on

I agree with Anonymous21414124. Ahamdinejad is more representative of Iranians than anyone like Ali Mostofi and his ilk can in thousand years.



by M.Hojjat,Ph.d (not verified) on

This is a good idea but unfortunately Iranian expatriates are not united even for their country. It is very SAD!


One thing is for sure

by Anonymous21414124 (not verified) on

This website does not represent Iranians at all. And you and your "Seyed" conspiracy don't represent either. I mean in all honestly i think a guy like ahmadinejad with all his faults can relate to the average Iranian much more than any islamophobes who murk this site. And this is coming from a guy who been around Iran..a lot.