In the hope that Love and unity win in the world


In the hope that Love and unity win in the world
by Amir Sahameddin Ghiassi

In the hope that Love and unity win in the world. In the hope that one day love and unity will replace the hate and disunity which is existed between religions, nationalities and races.  You have heard may be the story of Molla Nasereddin, one day the people saw that he is beating his cow. They asked him why you are beating the poor cow, Molla told them, because my other cow has gone and did not come back. The people told him, she has gone, but his one did not go and is innocent. Why you are beating her? Molla told them if she had the possibilities, she would do the same. With other words, she has the same capacity and the same talent, but she did not have the same possibilities as the other one that flee.

  The Bahais in Iran exercised a lot of difficulties; they are killed without having any criminal action. Their house and properties or furniture have been stolen or taken by government without having any mistake. Their family was destroyed and they have to have to lose their business and jobs. Their only mistake which the government could prove was this that they were born in a Bahai family. The government was expecting that the children who born in a Bahai family be a motivated Moslem? But the worst problem was for the people who born in a family of two religions, Bahai and Moslem. They should suffer a double unjust and a double misfortune.  They were victim of both sides and they were persecuted form both societies.  The have no fault, they did not chose their parents. But May be that this is a general and or a global unjust, some of us born in rich family and some in poor family. That is not our choice. We have to accept and try to adjust ourselves in the area that we are living. With other words we are some how forced to be born in a country that we did not chose. Or by the parent that again we did not chose.  You know that everybody think that his/her believe and his/her culture, religion or even language and nationality is the best.

They think their religion is the true and other religions or believe is false or at least not so good.  We are trained even not listen to other ideas or other religions, and we are so proud that we think we are right and other people are wrong.    We do not even want to listen to other idea and we do not want to give any chance to other people to explain; their believes ortheir religions. You are wrong and that is.  If we are impolite we will say bad words to him/her and if we have power, we try to destroy or even kill him/her.  Why because the system train us to be dictator and selfish. Maybe most of us are dictator, but we do not have the possibilities to show what we think and want to act. With other words, because we are weak, we cannot be a dictator. The examples are the people like Hitler who was a poor man and had not even a place to sleep, but in the time he got money and power he killed 50 millions persons. The new example is colonel Ghadafi, who was a normal young officer, but with 27, he got the possibilities to destroy the kingdom of Libya and be for 42 years, king, leader, president or dictator of Libya. He gathered billions of dollars and gold under his name and put them in the foreign banks. He was in the top of the government and contacted with important people, president, kings and other dictators for 42 year. 

  He was living in a luxury life and all his wishes could be full field. But in reality he was so stupid that he could not use this money to be beloved at least by the majorities of people of his country. As you may be seen, the people hated him and were willing to be killed for changing him. And you may also see his last picture that he was like a dog full of blood, dirty and may be also hungry walking on the street, and the people beat him and say bad words to him and did not have any mercy concerning him and his condition. Why, because he was cruel and selfish, he robbed the national money of his people and of his country and misused it. He paid billions of dollars for hate and killing.    But sorrowfully other dictators see these, but as they are blind and deaf, they cannot see and listen. Why, it is simple, they are sick, the disease of dictatorship.   They think they have right and they are a sort of God? And the people are forced and must obey them and be under their control. Sorrowfully the business people who run the world want these creasy people on the top of the government, why because they can control them easier and they can guide them in the way that they wish. If those type of people are not in the top of the governments who will buy trillion dollars weapons? The business people who produced bombs and rocket or weapons, tanks and fighting air plans want to sell them and the stupid people marketing it.  Sadam told his officers, that the systems will not that we stop the war with Iran.

They give us no chance to finish the war and have peace. He may be understood that he was too stupid to start a war. He should know that with foreign weapons he cannot win a war. They will give him so much weapons that he should not win. He understands that, but it was too late. Now he wanted to fight with other country, may be with a little country like Kuwait. May be the system even again encourage him to attack Kuwait. And again the stupid man fills in another trap.     The system which is controlling the world will this confusion and this hate, so they can control the people much better.  The system misuses the religions, nationalities, languages, and races as a good device to destroy the people and govern them. The little man and the little business should be destroy, because they want everything and they want the total benefit and they do not want to share the wealth with other people justly.   And now we see, because of internet and information the whole world may get cleverness and not to sleep like in the past. And may be the middle class and poor class will learn that they should not be the robots of the powerful and super rich people. 

 Too much greed and too much unjust in the world which is based on ignorance and, unjust prejudice should be removed. The Moslems hate Bahai and the prejudice one even is willing to kill them. The Bahais, some of them at least hate the Moslem and do not like them and will provide problems for them if they can. The same with other religions, the Shias do not like Sunni and the Sunnis do not like the Shias. It is not all Shias or all Sunni can be put in this category, but same can be fit very well in this schedule?    Now it is very clear for many people that the super rich business people are trying to got the whole world. They are not like Hitler that he wanted to fight and get the world, they are much smarter, they want that the people even do not know that they are their slaves and are their play cards or robots.  As a teacher that I worked in seven different countries, and in four continents, I can see how they are against the education. In some poor countries, the student want to learn, but they do not have money to buy books, papers and pen. If you give one of these types of student a book or a pen, they will be as happy as they have the whole world. 

 And in rich country, the system say, that you should have fun, why you want learn, enjoy your youth and your time, have sex, drink , have fun. Let the other people work and learn, you should have fun. Even some poor people in the rich countries think, if they just have fun and eat too much and or do not work and just cheat, they will be counted as masters or clever. The youth in those countries use drugs, do not learn and work properly, so they are almost in the same condition as in the countries of the third world. They have the possibilities to learn well, but they do not. Some of them do not take the life seriously even all of them have the possibilities to learn and be very successful.  The children are trained to be prejudice and just believe what their leader tell them, even some adult are like children, they do not want to research by themselves and try to understand the facts personally. We saw in the war between Iraq and Iran, even it was planed by the huge companies to sell their productions for trillion dollars, the young children were running over the bombs and mean without any fear, because they thought they will go to the paradise after they are killed and over there, they will be welcomed by the hurries who are forty meter long and are always virgins? Any intercourse will be 70 years long. You think those words of jokes, but that is not the case, they are all true.

 The leaders of religion even encourage the young people to be killed. Even many Bahai young people were killed cruelly by the Moslem, but they were sort of happy to be killed for their beloved God or prophet. Ten young and even children of Bahai community in Shiraz which are know at 10 bridge of Shiraz have been killed by hanging on the rope, they sang Bahai sang and killed the rope and were happily killed by the Moslems.  Because we think we are right and the other people are wrong.   I will write this story later.


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