I am still amazed!

bajenaghe naghi
by bajenaghe naghi

This lady friend of mine was bragging how every time she has to go to a party she goes to a department store, buys a very nice and expensive dress, she wears it to the party and then the next day returns it and gets her money back.

She was so proud and excited when she was telling me this sick story.

I wish I could just tell her off the way I felt at that moment. But I could not. I am still upset and angry that a person can be so dishonest and cheap to cheat like this.


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Dear bajenagh You may

by n.zanincanadai on

Dear bajenagh

You may "thing" that I'm a sociopath. But do you thing you could show me where I could get that $5 orgasm too? I've never been THAT lucky.

I said I've never done what you describe but I don't thing it's a big deal. Because in the greater scheme of things, so much worse is being done in the retail industry.

And your reference to my hand being cut off is further proof of how dangerous exaggerations are. In some places, something as insignificant as Aghdas Khanum returning a once worn blazer is punishable by dismemberment! OUCH.

But thanks for not giving a damn. I shall skip your nasihats so you can preach to those you give a damn about. Good luck. And I love your icon.



sure is ...

by IRANdokht on

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I am still amazed!

Children Are Gifts From God

This is miserable

yes please....no thank you.

venting about everything that has ever bothered you... wait a second! are you trying to save $250/hr too? ;-)

Looking forward to a positive note and hoping that it'd be some day soon



bajenaghe naghi

Dear Nazanincanadai

by bajenaghe naghi on

I am not going to argue with you since from what I have read I thing you are a sociopath and nothing I say here is going to make any sense to you.  

You have used every excuse under the sun, including orgasm, to legitimize stealing.

Please be careful and not get caught.  In some countries the cost of your $5 orgasm is the cutting of the hand and in some others they put you away for years. And yes, this is my nasihat to you. Take it, leave it, or brush it under the rug. Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn! 





by n.zanincanadai on

Give me a nice long break. Give me a peice of that Kit Kat bar....but don't shop lift it!

It's nice to sit and talk about such things in 2008 when most Iranian immigrants have settled some what and have nice jobs and can discuss morgage rates and business loans. Have you people forgotten what it was like in the mid 80s? Wait a minute, maybe some readers weren't in North America back then.

Iranians had SERIOUS financial problems. New immigrants were coming from Iran with no jobs. They had cash but they didn't know what the future held for them in a new place. No one knew what was coming our way next. Many Iranians didn't have a legal basis for staying. Have we forgotten the word PANAAHANDEH?

Well, back in THOSE days, SOME Iranians did practice what is mentioned in this blog but it was such a small number that .....it was very infrequent ok? Most of what you mention here is an urban myth.

Let me also say that we don't owe Macy's or Bloomingdales' ANYTHING. Do you know how many trillions of dollars they've made off Iranian ladies? We keep them in business when other communities have the sense not to spend money on things they can't afford.

Look at it economically. Theft, defects, returns, etc have already been worked into the  price of all the merchandise we buy. These corporations don't lose any money if I decide to return a shirt I wore to a mehmooni the night before.

I've never taken part in this type of behaviour because I've had enough money to live a normal life and I never go beyond my means (not for clothes at least). But the very few people who do this sort of thing probably can't afford not to. And give them a break, they want a nice shirt to show off. Does it really hurt you naghi? Or perhaps some people occasionally take advantage of the refund policies. So what? Are you telling me you've never been overly picky at a restaurent? Or not tipped well? Or not snuck a somagh shaker in your purse? Or not picked a 5 dollar bill and got an orgasm that no one saw you take it off the ground? Or a 100 other incosequential things that people do?

Upset? Angry? Dishonest? Cheap? Ghalat Kardan? my oh my, for a second I thought you were referring to the retail industry and their crappy treatment of their female and student work force. The long hours at minimum wage. Or the way they always try to stop unions for retail workers. Or perhaps the outrageous practices of the design and fabric industry with regard to the environment and cheap child labor.

I suggest we stop with the nasihat blogs and give it to the retail industry....stick it to them where it hurts.


This is absolutely nothing

by Fatollah (not verified) on

This is absolutely nothing new! And it is not limited to women only, Iranian guys did it and do it as well! It is at least 10 years old practice, it has to do with the wealth and US economy back in late 1990s! This phenomenon is of course an old Iranian trait, it is called "Zerangi" and "Zerangi" happens to be a national sport in Iran now a days, in my days in Iran "Zerangi" had a very bad meaning associated to it! What has happened since then I have no Idea!

Jahanshah Javid

Oh yes

by Jahanshah Javid on

I've heard that some major department stores in LA have a black list of Iranian women who have frequently bought and returned clothing. It's outrageous. I also wrote a short piece about it a few years ago. (Now I'm going to hear: "Other women do it too!" My response: "Oonaam ghalat mikonan!")