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david our delivery driver is acting strange lately. he spends most of his time either quietly pondering or feverishly writing. the other day i found a piece of paper that he had written on. it looks like a crazy persons writing. i am worried for him.  here is what he has written: i want to be different, living in a different world with not only different people but different types of people.  so different from those i know and am familiar with.  i want to live among people who look and act differently from us human beings. i want to live among those who may walk on one leg hopping along all their lives or who may have eight eyes all around their head, or have their genitals on the palm of their hands so they can make love to the woman they fancy by just shaking hands with her. a three minute hand shake. or they could high five her for a quickie. they can pat someone on the back for a cheap thrill and in the cold weather they can rub their hands together to get warm and masturbate at the same time.  i want to live among people who have anal taste buds who violently throw up whenever they defecate. i want to be different. i am tired of status quo.  david seems to me has lost it completely and needs professional help. but he insists that he only thinks differently because what he thinks is out of the box. he refuses to tell me which box.


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Bn jaan

by javaneh29 on

The fact that David has started talking to you is a good sign, Lets hope he gained something from it. He might be able to then see that talking is a good way to 'out' our worrying thoughts,. I doubt that anything he thinks about is something someone else hasnt thought about before, but he is clearly distressed by his thoughts and thinks he is the only one to have such dark thoughts,. believe me therapists hear all sorts of things,

Keep talking .... its good to talk


bajenaghe naghi

javaneh jan

by bajenaghe naghi on

thank you for your comfort to me. your thinking is correct from what i know about  david. i went out with david and had a long talk and i will write about what we talked about next time. he carries a lot of anger and also frustration and i think he wants to run away from reality and that is worrying me if he gets to away from reality to hide and to get lost. i have known people who got lost in their own world and it is not a nice experience for them. 


I think

by javaneh29 on

Davids writing is pretty sexually dominated. Perhaps he's just expressing his sexual frustration.

The only thing about this that I would be worried about is that he seems unable to express himself in a more conventional way, i.e talking to someone even if he thinks it is out of the box, and that it has reached a point where he is writing presumably during work hours, where this might normally be done at home in a diary or journal.

Unless you note any other worrying behaviour, I shouldn't worry too much