Signed letter from Interior Ministry - Sadegh Mahsouli

Signed letter from Interior Ministry - Sadegh Mahsouli
by capt_ayhab

Attached letter is allegedly leaked from Interior Ministry, from Sadegh Mahsouli, to Khameneie which shows the following results:

Mousavi .............. 19,075,623

Karoubi ............... 13,387,104

Ahmadinejad.......... 5,698,417

Rezaie .................. 3,754,218

Voids ....................      38,716

Total .................... 42,026,078



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No, date is good.

by Sebastian S. (not verified) on

Note: the date is correct! The Persian calendar is different from the Muslim one. Persian 1388/3/23 corresponds to Western 2009/6/13 - Saturday, morning of the election.


The sum is short of 72000

by Sebastian S. (not verified) on

The sum is short of 72000 exactly! Sorry, this won't do.


Update Jun 18, 2009

by capt_ayhab on


There were also unconfirmed reports that Mohammad Asgari, who was
responsible for the security of the IT network in Iran's interior
ministry, was killed yesterday in a suspicious car accident in Tehran.
Asgari had reportedly leaked evidence that the elections were rigged to
alter the votes from the provinces. Asgari was said to have leaked
information that showed Mousavi had won almost 19m votes, and should
therefore be president.

End Excerpts



Whoever forged this letter,

by Nima2 (not verified) on

Whoever forged this letter, at least should have made the date as 1388/3/19 or 18th. 23rd is today.
I don't think Vazire Keshvar would right a letter
like this after 5 days to Khamenei. If Khamenei was supposed to know, he would have known before the
elections, not need to write a letter. if he was so out of it that he had to be told, it would have been saturday.


A photoshop wonder

by Arash_1970 on

Great Photoshop work :-)

Javad Yassari

A good forgery

by Javad Yassari on

I think the numbers are correct but this note is forged.  A letter like this which has the entire "jeek o pook" of the "nezaam" would never be sent without being clearly marked as "mahramaneh" "fogh-e mahramaneh" or "mostagheem".  There is too much damning information in this one note and that would not be the way a letter conveying numbers would be written.

Nevertheless, it's a good forgery!  I am sure Ali Kordan didn't make this one!


where from

by capt_ayhab on

It is posted at twitter @iranelection that I have been following. There are unconfirmed reports in daily kos that the young man who was working at the office of Ministry of Interior has leaked it.

There is also unconfirmed report in daily kos that he has already been killed.


link to the photo of the letter :




Dodgy to say the least

by agha shirazi (not verified) on

Karroubi 13Mil?? (Who the heck would vote for him?) Rezaii 3Mil?? (Wanted Interpol Felon) Highly dubious.
Not to mention ONLY 38,716 voids!???
Does that include all the people inside and outside Iran that hate the IRI and only went to get their Islamic Republic Of Iran passports stamped?? (Despite urging others to boycott).
Even in Western democracy elections there is usually a higher % of void or "dummy" votes.


wow--I wonder where they got

by aziz (not verified) on

wow--I wonder where they got that from? it sounds too good to be true, because they announced Ahmadinejad won so soon afterwards it seems unlikely the wouldn't have coordinated with the interior ministry; I don't see why such a letter would have been written because I don't think they counted the votes at all. When would they have done all this counting? It would have taken at least a day for all the results to be confirmed, including from overseas (especially North America) and from the further-flung provinces.

Doesn't change anything, though: these elections were fraudulent and this whole thing is a prearranged coup d'état.