The role of Technology in modern Politics

by Enny

 Obama used technology to encourage voters to put him in the white house, and they did. In South Africa, we cannot but recorgnised the power of radio and television in bringing down the wall of aparthied regime. Ayatola rallied his people via recorded tapes. Today we see how the internet and mobile phones have helped to spreed the news of Iranian political troubles to the world. Were it not for technology, it would be very difficult to get the news to the whole world

Iranian youths are great,  competent, masters of technologies, they have youthful blood that makes them to push the boundary. I must say with honesty that the Iranians youths are pride of Iran. But without technology, could there have been any hope? Technology has become the weapon of youths. It is the language they understand. Many youths are now having interest in politics if the leader speaks the language they understands. What a good change! If the internet and mobile phones can make our youths enjoy politics, please use more of it.