1979-2009 Iran comapred to S. Korea


by Faramarz_Fateh

Yesterday I had lunch with 2 of my Korean buddies whom I have known for ever.  The 3 of us started working for a U.S. based electronics company in the late 1970s.  Since then, we have kept in close touch with each other by having lunch once a month.  I like Korean food and they LOVE Iranian food.  So, we mostly eat Chelokabab together over at Caspian.  One of these dudes works for Samsung now.  He is a member of the "President's office".  The other guy is a sales guy for LG.

Samsung started its forey in the world of electronics in early 1970s.  A bit later in the same decade, LG got on the same band wagon.  In the past 30 years, despite lack of ANY natural resources such as oil, uranium, natural gas, copper etc etc S. Korea has become the defacto leader of the electronics world.  Samsung is #1 in production of RAM and some ASIC/RISCs, LCD TVs, LCD Monitors, cellular phones and most Electronic components which go inside these products.

LG just replaced SONY as the 2nd largest LCD TV and Monitor maker in the world; LG is now the biggest home appliance maker worldwide, 3rd cellular phone maker, and #1 or #2 provider of technology and equipment for electrical power plants, cement plants, and I forgot what else.

In 30 years, Korea pulled itself from a backward shit hole which stank of garlic to a technology and economic power house.  During this transformation, 17 million manufacturing and managerial  jobs were also created to help establish a solid middle class in the country.

Now, Lets review the achievements of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the past 30 years.  The 2nd and 3rd generation Peykan?!

Copies of 40 year old rockets?  More advanced aftabeh?

Graduates of Sanati Ariamehr and PolyTechnique are some of the sharpest minds of our time.  Why despite such an incredible pool of brain power Iran is not #1 in anything except for production of assholes like Khamenei or Ahmadi?

I attribute this vacuum to Islam. 


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ex programmer craig

I saw that!

by ex programmer craig on

Q, you just added a bunch more links to your comment! You may as well just admit you know how weak that shit is :p

Kaveh V

nicely put together Q---by Anonymously

by Kaveh V on



What else is new, another coward Islamist pointing a tiny pistol at you.

....ehhhhemmmm let me show you mine :-0


ex programmer craig


by ex programmer craig on

Let me get this straight. I accuse you of parroting leftist talking points about South Korea, and you deny it and say I know nothing, and then you LINK leftist talking points to prove the validity of the leftist talking points you presented? Circular. Just like every discussion with you. Do you even have the capacity to think for yourself?

I'll say it one more time:

outright military control and brutal suppression of students and labor sector that makes IRI look like Sweden.

That's crazy talk. If you are standing behind that, there's no point in anyone trying to engage you rationally. You can't argue with crazy.


LOL Craig,

by Q on

you really don't know ANYTHING. Watching you pull BS out of your behind when you have absolutely nothing to say is frankly boring.

You don't want to believe me, even though I have never lied to you? No one cares. You only make people laugh harder at yourself.

Don't embarass your entire branch, do a little studying before you shoot off your mouth. Here's a few articles for you to start. It's a disgrace that I even have to waste time finding this stuff for you because apparently you are completely ignorant of anything not directly on your TV set.


Ostaad jan: I don't think Islam is responsible and I didn't write such a thing. Islam was responsible for the unity and the organizational aspects that made the revolution possible, that is to say, that's what we ended up with. Obviously, IRI could have done better, no argument there at all. It was the mindless comparison I was finding absurd. Ghorbanet.

Kaveh V: Your comment is tagged. Sorry Pahlavi was the textbook puppet, installed because the US and UK wanted to steal Iran's Oil and later insisted that it be traded for western toys. Good luck waiting for your prince Pahlavi to come rescue you. I think you will probably take this fantasy to your grave.


nicely put together Q

by Anonymously on

and well-argued.

Another thing many of us lost after 1979 was the capacity for logic and reason. Oh... maybe that too goes back before '79!

Kaveh V

  "Yes, Kaveh we "dared"

by Kaveh V on


"Yes, Kaveh we "dared" to antagonize the big Uncle by overthrowing his puppet dictator, and we're proud of it."


Listen you charlatan of an Islamist, you're not gonna fool me, or anyone else here by using the old leftist borrowed lies-of-a-cliché that your leaders used in order to bring us the Islamic glory of today. Have you, or your ilk, EVER, tried to explain how the last Pahlavi was a PUPPET ? We are not the illiterate peasants of the 1979 to fall for these second hand LIES. I, and many others lived under Pahlavis as an affluent and rising nation that had the respect and admiration of just about everyone in the world. I know this first hand, I proudly traveled with an Imperial Iranian passport throughout the world and had nothing but the utmost respect from every customs, official and citizen of the world.

The US was our partner, not the proverbial uncle. The US depended on us to keep the order in the region. We had the leverage on Washington and as the result we were given access to just about anything we desired, more than south Korea and Israel, you Islamic baffoon!



Q, although I agree with your views about the...

by Ostaad on

the socio-economic and cultural differences between South Korea and Iran. I do believe the Eslamic Regime that Khomeini established after hijacking the Iranian revolution has inflicted tremendous damage to Iran and its position in the world, and by that I am not referring to the West's attitude toward Iran at all.

Since the Iranian revolution, Iran has achieved the kind of independence and sovereignty that has made it practically the first and only developing country that has control over its own affairs.  But I also believe very strongly these goals were and still are achievable without the Eslamic regime.

A secular and democratic government would have prevented the kind of social malaise that has befallen Iran and results are lack of human/civil rights, social backwardness and economic disaster. South Korea has very high economic corruption, but its people are much freer socially than the Iranian people.

ex programmer craig

...and had the best Korean

by ex programmer craig on

...and had the best Korean BBQ in Seoul.

What you meant to say was that you had the best Korean BBQ in Los Angeles, and decided you could pass that off as being an expert on South Korea, right? As much heat as your crew puts on people for having the audacity to talk about Iran when they don't have first hand experience, I'm really surprised you thought you could get away with passing off leftist talking points about South Korea, unchallenged.

ex programmer craig


by ex programmer craig on

in fact I have been to South Korea and had the best Korean BBQ in
Seoul. But that's besides the point. Everything I wrote is absolutely

If you've been to South Korea then you know that most of what you wrote is fales, Q. So you're a liar either way. South Korea before 1987 made Islamic Republic look like Sweden? That shit right there is insane, buddy. Literally insane.


Craig, you show your own ignorance

by Q on

in fact I have been to South Korea and had the best Korean BBQ in Seoul. But that's besides the point. Everything I wrote is absolutely true.

Yes, Kaveh we "dared" to antagonize the big Uncle by overthrowing his puppet dictator, and we're proud of it.

Mort Gilani

Excellent Point!

by Mort Gilani on

At the minimum, Iran has lost 15 Trillion dollars in direct and opportunity losses due to 79 revolt. In addition, the mullahs have inflicted upon Iran one million dead, and 2 million handicapped. Let's not forget that they wasted away the lives of 50 million Iranians too. Who can call the living of women in Iran life?

Although Fascistic in their ideological construct, the Islamist thugs neither can plan like the Third Reich & Stalin, nor can they use opportunity to their advantage like Mussolini; they can only live as parasites like their M.E. buddies. After 30 years of selling Iranian oil and other assets at fire sale prices, the Islamic regime can only show Shahab 3, which is a stolen technology worth zilch.

ex programmer craig


by ex programmer craig on

You've never been to South Korea, have you? Did you get this info from Juan Cole, or Noam Chomsky? 

This is the funniest part here:

South Korea was basically a military dictatorship. With something like 10 governments each controlled by the Military, with periods of outright military control and brutal suppression of students and labor sector that makes IRI look like Sweden.

Thanks for the laugh!




Kaveh V

I couldn't resist this one

by Kaveh V on

I couldn't resist this one either -:)

Translating Islamist's comments;
….South Korea received help from US….US provided this ….that to improve Korea…..Korea has paid a big price ????(as opposed to Iran which had an fun ride into Islmic oblivion) ……to be ahead of Iran……

....BUT, WE the great Islamist morons have antagonized our population and the entire world by our violence and savagery without having anything to show for it and we stand proud and independent (because the world loath us and nobody cares to even talk to us).....

Kaveh V

Call it Genetic-Islam

by Kaveh V on


Dear Faramarz,

Nice! You have summed it up quite truthfully, as many many others who have done so similarly. 

Iran also has a genetic component that predisposes it to such barbarity, lets call it a problem of:  Genetic-Islam!

have a nice weekend


What your buddies didn't tell you and you never found out

by Q on

In 30 years, Korea pulled itself from a backward shit hole which stank of garlic to a technology and economic power house. During this transformation, 17 million manufacturing and managerial jobs were also created to help establish a solid middle class in the country.

A few points your buddies apparently haven't told you, but I'm glad to educate whenever possible.

1. Korea started receiving help from the US after 1945, before that it was occupied and exploited by Japan. If you want to compare it to Iran, you have to start from 1945 + 30 years = 1975. In its first 30 years (actually in it's first 45 years, right up to 1990's), South Korea was basically a military dictatorship. With something like 10 governments each controlled by the Military, with periods of outright military control and brutal suppression of students and labor sector that makes IRI look like Sweden. Other than a few brief years of nominal democracy, the country was a fascist dictatorship.

2. This was by design, as the United States due to cold war politics poured $Billions and billions of Industrial investment, economic aid, technology transfer and military assistance to South Korea, while at the same time, tolerated the central-planning and economic protectionism that allowed Korean industry to prosper. Having the benefit of all this investment and tech-transfer, gun-forced cheap labor, and suppression of social movement and free military defense provided by US occupation are much bigger factors that your buddies forgot about.

3. South Korea has paid a heavy price in terms of it's culture and independence (one of the few valid points the North makes) as well as human rights and democracy. As a result of foreign occupation and 50 years of exporting American missionaries, today, something like one third of South Koreans are Christian. It was only a few years ago when after half a century Koreans finally gained the right to prosecute American servicemen who commit crimes on their soil. None of this would be acceptable in Iran, and certainly not to people like Jamshid (unless they are hypocrites of course).

4. Comparison with IRI fails at many levels, the least of which is world-wide embargo and economic encriclement of Iran during first decade of IRI's existence, particulary during the Iran-Iraq war when Saddam's Western and Eastern bombs were raining down on Iranian civilians. During the same time in Korean history, Korea was run by direct US administration with unprecendented access to investment and no need for military defense. To say that Koreans have "done it on their own" is hillariously ignorant.

5. Every single large Korean corporation, including the big ones like Samsung and Hondai are in bed with the government, and given huge monopolies and favorable laws as well as access to technology and education from the US. Compare this to the fact that US Scientific journals have been prosecuted for mere printing of Iranian science papers.

I'll be the first to admit that Iran could learn from the Korean experience, but a apples-to-apples comparison is impossible. The role of the post war politics and US interest is the determining factor. The tendency of most IRI haters is to blame the victim and say: Yes, IRI could have done the same, if only it gave into Western demands.

This is an understandable argument. It's the prostitute argument (couldn't you live better if you just bent over once in a while?). After many decades of brutal one-party dictatorship, a fine balance has been struck in South Korea which they are seemingly comfortable with. This does not mean Iranians would have accepted a similar arrangement. In fact the '79 revolution practically proved they wouldn't.


Agha Faramarz

by Kaveh Parsa on

zady to goal ein dafeh!! well done on a nice and simple comparison.

now wait for the IRI apologists to lash out.



Iran and S. Korea

by jamshid on

I once watched a documentary on South Korea on PBS about 10 years ago. It brought tears to my eyes.

The documentary began with describing Korea's state of affairs in the 1930s before world war II, and then in late 50s after the Korean war was over.

The similarities and parallels between Iran and S. Korea were incredible. A few examples were the degree of backwardedness in the 30s, the struggle to advance, the founding of steel industry, the "montage" car industry, the laying of an education foundation for children, rise of a dictator in the early 60s and many other things.

One difference was that Iran was always a few steps ahead of S. Korea. Another difference was that Iran spent a lot on the oil industry while S. Korea on electronics. But pretty much both countries were walking the same walk.

Then Khomeini came.

While South Korea continued with its progress and became one of the top 15 economic powerhouses of the world, Iran fell back and regressed. If you want to know what Iran could have been today, just take a look at South Korea and you'll know. This is based on the parallels that existed between the two countries before 1979.