Inside the mind of the Texas shooter

by Faramarz_Fateh

The situation of the Texas army base shooter could not have been any more Ironic!  I mean if you saw this in a Hollywood movie you'd say the script writer had too much of a wild imagination.

A U.S. Army officer named Nidal Malik Hasan; a trained psychiatrist; who dressed in traditional Arab garb inside a freaking Army base when he went out to get coffee.

When you have dual or triple allegiance stuff like this happens.  First the guy doesn't know if he is an Arab or an American even though he is an American citizen.  Then his "Muslimness" trumps everything else.  He is a Muslim first, an Arab second, and an American last, while for most of his life he has lived in the U.S., enjoyed a crap load of freedom (not absolute but a lot more than any Arab country for sure) finished his B.S. on student loans from U.S. government, gone to medical school, done his internship, residency and fellowship on U.S. government's dime for free.  But he hates the U.S. and the U.S. Army and the soldiers.

Then Major Hassan believes the best way to resolve his problem with America and the American Army is to go out in a blaze of glory while taking with him a whole bunch of people who didn't have anything to do with his situation.

I am not a supporter of the Iraq war by any stretch of imagination.  Atrocities of the U.S. government in Iraq, mostly done at the hands of Bush 41 & 43 bother me to a great extent as well.  But to go off and do this?!

I was about to submit this blog and ask what is it with Arabs and this sort of mentality when I saw the headline "Jason Rodriguez shoots 7 people in a high rise in Miami"!!  Pretty sure this dude wasn't a Muslim.  I guess these are very tough times.

We Angelinos better not cut off anyone on the freeways in the next few days. 


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FateHEAD jan

by capt_ayhab on

You could not more wrong about Mr. kharmagas, He is not Ostaad, nor am I. So as he says. relax, spew more hate and lets laugh about it.

Besides FateHEAd jan, what is there to be relevant? Your blog have one theme and one theme only, they demonize whole bunch of people. So why do you get upset when people point that out to you?




Take it easy Fateh "jAn"

by kharmagas on

Fateh, although I purposely used one of Ostaad's frequently used terms, I am not Ostaad. If you noticed carefully my comment here was not really negative, usually your blogs are very biased, this one wasn't very biased (i.e. it was a milder Brain Wind). ..... lastly, to comment about your blogs one does not require much mental capacity, in fact I try to reduce whatever mental capacity I have when I put a comment on your blogs .... let's laugh Fateh "jAn", don't be so uptight.



by KouroshS on

Alip jan

of course you can not predict human behavior in no shape or form, but one things is for sure and that is that you CAN predict someone's behavior when that person is subjected to some fanatical and radical teachings. Given that there is no shortage of Christian, new-born lunetics out there, when it comes down to it, you'd see that many of the crimes of such nature are committed by those who attend a mosque. We see plenty of in outside US bordres and i guess now we are beginning to see it starting right here.

I hope those who attend mosque regularly do not get offended, But facts are facts and jelooyeh cheshme hameh. Heyf Az oon hameh Student loans and Trainings that the Army wasted on gthis %^^%%




Capt_Ah jan

by Faramarz_Fateh on

you sure have a habit of answering to irrelevant posts; especially mine.

kharma(ostaad)gas, go get a life man ...... you don't have the mental capacity for blogging



Ali P. jan,

by Faramarz_Fateh on

No doubt this guy was under FBI or even CIA watch. An Army officer who attends mosque once or twice a week, wears Arab clothing inside an army base is either an agent or he is watched by a few agents.

One day Americans wake up and realize that they have to close down each and every mosque on U.S. soil; probably the same for the U.K.

Nothing, and I repeat, NOTHING good has ever come out of a Mosque for the past 1400+ years. 

Ali P.

You'll win the Noble prize, for sure,...

by Ali P. on

...if you can ever come up with a formula to predict human behavior.

We are all, one step away, from snapping .

Hell just look around :-)

Louie Louie

I thought the Halloween was over

by Louie Louie on

Apparently not! The ghost of ostaad is amongst us. The wind is blowing for sure!


a milder Brain Wind from Fateh

by kharmagas on

This article is a milder brain wind from Fateh. and my comment here is a milder version of the one that got deleted.


FateHEAD jan

by capt_ayhab on

Hope you realize how irrelevant you have always been. As our friend used to say, demonstrate more of you [brain farts] we all need some laughter at your expense dude.

Happy delusion ;-o)




Capt_ah, try to contain your ignorance

by Faramarz_Fateh on

Listen my not-so-smart friend, if it walks like a duck & quacks like a duck, its a duck.

This guy was a Muslim you moron!  You think I just made that public?

But instead of jumping to conclusions before you read a whole piece (as you always do),  read the damn thing, think about what it says, then accuse people of endangering people's lives.

As for you Anonymous8, same thing.  Read until the end before you comment.  When you don't, you look like a ........ 


Fateh's Self serving & HATE filled agenda in a TRAGEDY.

by capt_ayhab on

In all this situation you are the only one who can not contain your hate and bigotry.

This has nothing to do with your usual arajeef, the man is a lunatic which was in the brink of disaster, with plenty of signs during past year or so. 

So please try an contain your hate and bigotry[ we all know how hard it is for you], and stop shouting FIRE in a crowded cinema[so to speak]. You are no psychologist nor any one in the position of spreading crap like this and endangering lives of innocents.

Law and specialized  people will go to the bottom of this tragedy. It is a shame that you are trying to fish in a muddy water just to serve your selfish and hate filled agenda.



I'm totally confused!

by Monda on

There's much information missing about this shooter. I mean many times along his career path he should have been diagnosed with antisocial PD, PTSD, phobia, possible other very core trauma-related issues - yet he wasn't?! This is certainly negative advertising for the quality of educational training that Army boasts about!

Are they bringing terrorism much closer to home again? (a la Bush era?) 


Hispanic Catholic fanatic attacks office building in Florida

by Anonymous8 on

what was it about the Catholicness of Jason Rodriguez?

wr was it the fact that he was from Puerto Rico?

which is it because those are the only two possibilities with that kind of a name!


I think you angelinoes need to watch out for more than you thought!