1001 Jobs !!

by hamdam

Traveling for my job as a Product Manger, I am always surprised at meeting or hearing about Iranians in all corners of the world.  You name the country and we are there.  You name the type of job and we are doing it - successfully.<!--break-->If you would like to participate, please let the rest of us know at least the following - and more if you would like to:<!--break-->- Your job - The number of years you have been doing this<!--break-->- What part of the world you are in - as general or detailed you would like to be<!--break-->- If you could, what job would you like to have instead?<!--break--> 

Confessions:  Thanks to JJ and the new forum at Iranian.com, this is my very first blog.  Please be patient with my mistakes. <!--break-->

I will come back with a quick report and all the fun facts. HamDam