The other Neda

The other Neda
by ILoveIran

The other Neda - she is the original one and the one that Israel doesn't want Iranians talking about. You don't have to be a Palestinian or to focus on Palestinians directly to find evidence of Israel's murderous rampages, such as the one against Rachel Corrie, a peace activist (one of many) who was murdered by Israel.

Rachael was a real human rights activist, not one of these fly-by-night MEK types that use that label for other purposes.  She started at a really young age.


Here you can see Israeli soldiers firing on peace activists and farmers.  



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Dear iraj khan. To me , a clear case of traffic accident.

by mousa67 on

this young woman was killed not by an IDF bullet, but as Kaveh pointed out in a traffic related accident in a building site, argueably caused by her own reckless behavior. Very unfortunate, I agree. I always tell my grand children not to go play in middle of Road or building sites.

Does anybody know what happened to the poor driver of the building truck who ran over her? Did he receive any counceling? I hope somebody would write a blog about him


Shahab joon, you aren't able

by AMIR1973 on

Shahab joon, you aren't able to dispute the facts I stated about Galloway, so naturally you resort to barking. Cheers!  :-)


At the end

by hirre on

At the end you either:


1) Support the Islamic Republic and the lifestyle it brings
2) Support Israel and the lifestyle it brings
3) Don't support IR or Israel

I'm more a number 3. But if 3 wasn't available I would choose 2, and here all the questions and dilemmas occur...

Observe that there is no 4 (support both Israel and the IR), by the way, to our bearded iranians, Iran is not the same as the IR, if you didn't notice it by now...




by hirre on


Mr. Ferdowsi Arabs beaten up Iranian is NOT Neo-Nazis

by Siavash300 on

Did you see the pictures of arab beaten up Iranians on streets of Tehran during our people uprising in June 2009? I posted for you to see why Iranians don't like arabs. You may tell your friends in Gaza that Iranians get along very well with all religion of ethnic minorities such as Bahai, Christian etc. Unlike Chickneans or Turks who massacred religion minorities, we get along very well. Tell your Gaza friends we just don't like arabs because of what they did to our country in the course of history.


 This is friendly advise Mr.Ferdowsi, you need to change your avatar. Just shave the breed off the face of that man and put a suit and tie instead. The avatar reminds Iranians southern lebanon people or  terrorist group of Hamas or hezbollah. Again this is friendly advise.



Shahab Ferdowsi


by Shahab Ferdowsi on

I am not interested in conversing or educating Neo-Nazis about the intricacies of history.


Mr. Ferdowsi you need to read history more carefully

by Siavash300 on

"Donald Rumsfeld, were rubbing shoulders and were quite chummy with Saddam Hussein in Baghdad of the 1980s and selling him arms to kill Iranians;" Shahab Ferdowsi

Did you watch "Iran contra affair" sir? obviously you didn't. Oliver north in his testimony clearly stated that they were selling arms to stinky ruling mullahs in Iran in exchange for release of hostages in Lebanon such as Terry Anderson. Regan administration received the money from filthy ruling mullahs in Iran and sent that money to Nicargoa dissents who were fighting with sundenists. They were doing it for 8 years under table until Regan  got caught by american people who hated mullahs in Iran. I also tried to educate your buddy Ilove arabs, but he was not listening. Seems not listening properly works for you guys, but my friend you can't hide the fact. Again did you see pictures lizard eater arabs beaten up Iranian during Green movement? Those bastards killed 2 of my childhood friends. Patriatic Iranians should call for extermination of all arabs. We don't like arabs. What part you don't understand? 

Shahab Ferdowsi

Historical revionists like Amir1973

by Shahab Ferdowsi on

While your Neo-Con buddies, such as Donald Rumsfeld, were rubbing shoulders and were quite chummy with Saddam Hussein in Baghdad of the 1980s and selling him arms to kill Iranians; this, while hundreds of thousands of Iranians were being massacred by Iraqi troops or otherwise mustard gassed; the likes of George Galloway were exposing all this and especially AmeriKKKa and Angoh-land's unholy alliance with him and denouncing him as a genocidal dictator. Shamelessness, red herring argumentation and blatant historical revisionism is a quintessential characteristic of all you fascist Zionist shills to the last (the Nazis taught you well). But don't insult the intelligence of those of us who remember these things and the facts surrounding it.

Galloway continues to stick his middle finger out and put the boot into IsraHell and its lackies everywhere, and his popularity speaks for itself.  And unlike most of you cowards hiding behind aliases from your cubicles in Tel Aviv, Galloway doesn't need to hide. God bless him, God give him more strength and resolve and more power to speak Truth to corrupt power and its lackies like you lot!


Mr. Ferdowsi I am still waiting my questions to be answered

by Siavash300 on

I have posted some pictures that arabs were beating Iranians during uprising our people in June 2009 in this link.

I also posed some questions. For example I am not sure that you knew majority of Jordanians were Palestinians and King Hossaine from Jordan was close allian of Saddam Hossaine in killing Iranians. That the blood of Iranians are on the hands of palestinains as well as other arab nations. Seems you forgot to look at those pictures, questions. I am just wondering why?

iraj khan

Pardon me

by iraj khan on

but, no it was not a traffic accident, she was murdered by the Israelis because Rachel Corrie was standing with those unfortunate ones who are losing their land to Israeli settlements,

something like what was reported today:

Uprooting 30,000 Bedouin in Israel

"An estimated 70,000 people are currently living in these villages, which are prohibited by law from connecting any of their houses to electricity grids, running water or sewage systems.

Construction regulations are also harshly enforced and in this past year alone, about 1,000 Bedouin homes and animal pens - usually referred to by the government simple as "structures" - were demolished. 

There are no paved roads in these villages and it is illegal to place signposts near the highways designating the village's location. Opening a map will not help either, since none of these villages are marked. Geographically, at least, these citizens of Israel do not exist."



oh, so it was a traffic related accident?

by mousa67 on

still, Such a waste of a young life. I feel sorry for her parents. also for the driver of the earth moving equipment. He must have felt so upset. I hope he received post traumatic counceling.

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

As a protest against Israeli settlements she stood/sat in the path of earth moving equipment and was run over.


i feel very sorry for this lady.

by mousa67 on

how did she die?


What Iranian wouldn't admire George Galloway?

by AMIR1973 on

Friend to Saddam's former Foreign Minister, Tariq Aziz. A man who saluted Saddam for his courage. A man who referred to Saddam's psychopathic son, Uday, as your Excellency.

Shahab Ferdowsi

Leftwing wannabes playing socialist who are actually serving

by Shahab Ferdowsi on

The interests of the ruling class should never talk about the leftwing credentials of others, which they themselves don't possess, nor should they throw stones when they live in glass houses themselves lest their real identities be disclosed all over the internet and people learn who they really are in the real world.


George galloway, "the corrupt and corrupting man"

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

let us hear  what the British Socialists say about this self serving charlatan, this "Gucci left" clown with a passion for luxury goods and cosy relationship with islamist dictators from Saddam Hossein to Gaddafi to our very own ahmadinezhad and khamenei:

"George Galloway is a corrupt and corrupting man. Not corrupt in the sense in which a capitalist would understand - grubbing for money in brown envelopes (although he was accused, and cleared, of padding his expenses account when working for War on Want). His corruption is one of a sort more familiar to the workers’ movement: a man giddy on success and status born from his ability to be at the centre of things. Galloway is a living confirmation of the Socialist Party’s case of avoiding leadership and leaders in our movement.

The effect of his election will be to help continue the mystification and confusion of the workers as to their own interests, as well the sullying of the name of socialism. Galloway has said that "... If you are asking did I support the Soviet Union , yes I did. Yes, I did support the Soviet Union, and I think the disappearance of the Soviet Union is the biggest catastrophe of my life..."

and dont miss the comments section!

Shahab Ferdowsi

Hail George Galloway!

by Shahab Ferdowsi on

One of my all time heroes. This man has more integrity upon a dirty speck of his arse than the entire British establishment squared, since he is under no illusions about the corrupt and fascist elite frat-boy club known as Westminister. My hat goes off to him for knowing how to game the system in order to remain the endless source of irritation to that infernal establishment with its suck-hole system.

This is a mensch if there ever was, and boy did he sock it to those Neo-Cons in Washington in 2006. God bless him!

Jolly good show! Pip pip!


Why don't you see the other side of it Mr Ferdowsi

by anglophile on

British democracy is the only democracy in the world (after the islamic republic, of course) that an arse hole - excuse my English spelling :) - can be re-elected in its parliament after being kicked out of it twice.




Shahab Ferdowsi

So much for British "democracy"

by Shahab Ferdowsi on



The least democratic society on the planet is the UK. 


anglophile, you're welcome

by AMIR1973 on

I enjoy reading your comments for their humor and wit. I can also say that I have learned a good deal about Iranian history from your comments. Regards.


Thank you Amir jan

by anglophile on

I have replaced my democracy quotes twice today but I know that yours is a winner :)


Seyyed Ali's regime is the closest to a true democracy

by AMIR1973 on

May I cordially invite my friend anglophile to quote me rather than Churchill?


Mr.Shahab Ferdowsi, did you see these pictures?

by Siavash300 on

Did you see filthy, Arabs are beaten up Iranians? It was NOT centuries ago, it was less than 3 years ago?  Where have you been during lizard eater Arab invasion to our border who killed over one million of our youths back in 1980? Did you know the whole Arab world supported Saddam? Did you know King Hossaine from Jordan was close friend of Saddam Hossaine and provided him with full support? Did you know majority of Jordanians are Palestinians and blood of our brothers and sisters are in the hands of those bastards? Now, if I show any kind of animacity toward those bastards is called  "hate crime" and damage credibilty of I.C ? or at best you lable people as being agent of zionist? Is that really your logic? so If and only If you are Iranian (I am not sure about that)  where is your national pride?

The fact is filthy lizard eater arabs invaded Iran numerous times throughout the course of  history. We have always been victims of Arab brutality and we have always hated  arabs. That includes Palestinians and Gaza people as well. When some one in Iran is stupid we call him/her AZ BICH ARAB. That is common slang among Iranians, in case you don't know about Iran and Iranians. You may read more of Iran arab history in the work of Dr. Abdul Hossaine Zar Kob. The name of the book is :"2 centuries of silence". Another source that you may do research is called "Tariq e Tabari". These are excellent source of education about what Iranians are thinking of Arabs and what happened in our history. It also gives you a sense of "spirit of Persianism". I think you get more benefit by reading these books than Marx and other western philosophers.

Payandeh IRAN

G. Rahmanian

Khomeini's Democracy! Courtesy of David E.T.

by G. Rahmanian on

پنجاه دروغ آيت الله خمينی زير درخت سيب

1.  بشر در اظهار نظر خودش آزاد است. اولین چیزی که برای انسان هست آزادی بیان است.

2. مطبوعات در نشر همه‌ء حقایق و واقعیات آزادند

3. در جمهوری اسلامی کمونیست‌ها نیز در بیان عقاید خود آزادند.

4. یکی از بنیان‌های اسلام آزادی است… بنیاد دیگر اسلام اصل استقلال ملی است.

5. برنامهء ما تحصیل استقلال و آزادی است.

6. حکومت اسلامی یک حکومت مبتنی بر عدل و دموکراسی است.

7. دولت اسلامی يک دولت دمکراتيک به معنای واقعی است. و اما من هيچ فعاليت در داخل دولت ندارم و به همين نحو که الآن هستم، وقتی دولت اسلامی تشکيل شود، نقش هدايت را دارم.

8. اسلام یک دین مترقی و دموکراسی به معنای واقعی است.

9. ولایت با جمهور مردم است… نظام حکومتی ایران جمهوری اسلامی است که حافظ استقلال و دموکراسی است.

10. اما شكل حكومت ما جمهوري است، جمهوري به معناي اينكه متكي به آراي اكثريت است.

11. حکومت جمهوری است مثل سایر جمهوری‌ها و احکام اسلام هم احکام مترقی و مبتنی بر دموکراسی و پیشرفته و باهمه مظاهر تمدن موافق.

12. شکل حکومت جمهوری است. جمهوری به همان معنا که در همه جا جمهوری است. جمهوری اسلامی، جمهوری است مثل همه جمهوری‌ها.

13. در اين جمهوري يك مجلس ملي مركب از منتخبين واقعي مردم امور مملكت را اداره خواهند كرد.

14. عزل مقامات جمهوري اسلامي به دست مردم است. برخلاف نظام سلطنتي مقامات مادام‌العمر نيست، طول مسئوليت هر يك از مقامات محدود و موقت است. يعني مقامات ادواري است، هر چند سال عوض مي‌شود. اگر هم هر مقامي يكي از شرايطش را از دست داد، ساقط مي‌شود.

15. رژيم ايران به يک نظام دمکراسی‌ای تبديل خواهد شد که موجب ثبات منطقه می‌گردد.

16. اختیارات شاه را نخواهم داشت.

17. من هیچ سمت دولتی را نخواهم پذیرفت.

18. من در آینده [پس از پیروزی انقلاب] همین نقشی که الان دارم خواهم داشت. نقش هدایت و راهنمایی، و در صورتی که مصلحتی در کار باشد اعلام می کنم… لکن من در خود دولت نقشی ندارم.

19. ما به خواست خداي تعالي در اولين زمان ممكن و لازم برنامه‌هاي خود را اعلام خواهيم نمود، ولي اين بدان معني نيست كه من زمام امور كشور را به دست بگيرم و هر روز نظير دوران ديكتاتوري شاه، اصلي بسازم و علي‌رغم خواست ملت به آنها تحميل كنم. به عهدهء دولت و نمايندگان ملت است كه در اين امور تصميم بگيرند، ولي من هميشه به وظيفة ارشاد و هدايتم عمل مي‌كنم.

20. علما خود حكومت نخواهند كرد. آنان ناظر و هادی مجريان امور مي‌باشند.اين حكومت در همه‌ء مراتب خود متكی به آرای مردم و تحتِ نظارت و ارزيابی و انتقاد عمومی خواهد بود.

21. من نمي‌خواهم رياست دولت را داشته باشم. طرز حكومت، حكومت جمهوری است و تكيه بر آرای ملت.

22. مردم هستند که بايد افراد کاردان و قابل اعتماد خود را انتخاب کنند و ليکن من شخصاً نمی‌توانم در اين تشکيلات مسئوليت خاصی را بپذيرم و در عين حال هميشه در کنار مردم ناظر بر اوضاع هستم و وظيفه ارشادی خود را انجام می دهم.

23. من چنين چيزي نگفته‌ام كه روحانيون متكفل حكومت خواهند شد. روحانيون شغلشان چيز ديگري است.

24. من و ساير روحانيون در حكومت پستي را اشغال نمي‌كنيم، وظيفهء روحانيون ارشاد دولت‌ها است. من در حكومت آينده نقش هدايت را دارم.

25. حکومت اسلامی ما اساس کار خود را بر بحث و مبارزه با هر نوع سانسور می‌گذارد.

26. قانون این است، عقل این است، حقوق بشر این است که سرنوشت هر آدمی باید به دست خودش باشد.

27. بايد اختيارات دست مردم باشد، اين يك مسئله عقلي است. هر عاقلي اين مطلب را قبول دارد كه مقدرات هركسي بايد دست خودش باشد.

28. حكومت اسلامی بر حقوق بشر و ملاحظه‌ی آن است. هيچ سازمانی و حكومتی به ‌اندازه‌ء اسلام ملاحظه‌ء حقوق بشر را نكرده است. آزادی و دموكراسی به‌ تمام معنا در حكومت اسلامی است، شخص اول حكومت اسلامی با آخرين فرد مساوي است در امور .

29. اسلام، هم حقوق بشر را محترم مى‏شمارد و هم عمل مى‏كند. حقى را از هيچ كس نمى‏گيرد. حق آزادى را از هيچ كس نمى‏گيرد. اجازه نمى‏دهد كه كسانى بر او سلطه پيدا كنند كه حق آزادى را به اسم آزادى از آنها سلب كند.

30. بايد اختيارات دست مردم باشد.هر آدم عاقلی اين‌ را قبول دارد که مقدرات هر کس بايد در دست خودش باشد.

31. ما که می‌‌گوییم حکومت اسلامی می‌خواهیم جلوی این هرزه‌ها گرفته شود، نه اینکه برگردیم به 1400 سال پیش. ما می‌خواهیم به عدالت 1400 سال پیش برگردیم. همه‌ی مظاهر تمدن را هم با آغوش باز قبول داریم.

32. ما وقتی از اسلام صحبت مي‌كنيم به معنی پشت كردن به ترقی و پيشرفت نيست. ما قبل از هر چيز فكر مي‌كنيم كه فشار و اختناق وسيله‌ی پيشرفت نيست.

33. دولت استبدادی را نمی‌توان حکومت اسلامی خواند… رژیم اسلامی با استبداد جمع نمی‌شود.

34. در حکومت اسلامی اگر کسی از شخص اول مملکت شکایتی داشته باشد، پیش قاضی می‌رود و قاضی او را احضار می‌کند و او هم حاضر می شود.

35. ما حکومتی را می‌خواهیم که برای اینکه یک دسته می گویند مرگ بر فلان کس، آنها را نکشد.

36. حکومتی که ما می‌خواهیم مصداقش یکی حکومت پیغمبر است که حاکم بود، یکی علی و یکی هم عمر…

37. حكومت اسلامي، حكومت ملى است. حكومت مستند به قانون الهى و به آراء ملت است. اين طور نيست كه با قلدرى آمده باشد كه بخواهد حفظ كند خودش را. با آراء ملت مى آيد و ملت او را حفظ مى كند و هر روز هم كه بر خلاف آراء ملت عمل بكند قهراً ساقط است.

38. تمام اقلیت‌های مذهبی در حکومت اسلامی می‌توانند به کلیه فرائض مذهبی خود آزادانه عمل نمایند و حکومت اسلامی موظف است از حقوق آنها به بهترین وجه دفاع کند.

39. اقلیت‌های مذهبی به بهترین وجه از تمام حقوق خود برخوردار خواهند بود.

40. تمام اقلیت‌های مذهبی در ایران برای اجرای آداب دینی و اجتماعی خود آزادند.

41. از یهودیانی که به اسرائیل رفته اند دعوت می‌کنیم به وطن خود بازگردند. با آنها کمال خوشرفتاری خواهد شد.

42. اسلام جواب همهء عقاید را بعهده دارد و دولت اسلامی تمام منطق ها را با منطق جواب خواهد داد.

43. در حکومت اسلامی همهء افراد دارای آزادی در بیان هرگونه عقیده‌ای هستند.

44. جامعهء آيندهء ما جامعهء آزادی خواهد بود. همهء نهادهای فشار و اختناق و همچنين استثمار از ميان خواهد رفت.

45. ما یک حاکمی می خواهیم که توی مسجد وقتی آمد نشست بیایند دورش بنشینند و با او صحبت کنند و اشکال‌هایشان را بگویند. نه اینکه از سایه او هم بترسند.

46. این که می گویند اگر اسلام پیدا شد زنان باید توی خانه بنشینند و قفلی بر آن زده و دیگر بیرون نیایند تبلیغات است. زن و مرد همه آزادند که به دانشگاه بروند. رای بدهند. رای بگیرند. ما با ملعبه بودن زن و به قول شاه “زن خوب است زیبا باشد” مخالفیم.

47. اسلام با آزادی زن نه تنها موافق است بلکه خود پایه گذار آزادی زن در تمام ابعاد وجودی زن است.

48. زنان در انتخاب، فعاليت و سرنوشت و همچنين پوشش خود با رعايت موازين اسلامی آزادند.

49. زن‌ها در حكومتِ اسلامی آزادند. حقوق آنان مثل حقوق مردها است. اسلام زن را از اسارت مردها بيرون آورد و آنها را هم رديف مردها قرار داده است. تبليغاتی كه عليه ما مي‌شود برای انحراف مردم است.
50. اسلام همه‌ء حقوق و امور بشر را تضمين كرده است.

Darius Kadivar

LOL anglophile Jan ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

G. Rahmanian

Anglophile Jaan:

by G. Rahmanian on

It was so sudden we are still in a state of great shock! I'll let you know as soon as I find out.


SF: No country on earth presently has a democracy !

by anglophile on

  Thanks a lot for a direct reply Mr Ferdowsi.    I think I shoud replace my favourite Churchillian quote by that of the great Shahab Ferdowsi :)     “It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried.”



Oh I didn't realise he has passed away

by anglophile on

Where do I have to send the flowers?   Thanks for the reminder GR jan. 

Shahab Ferdowsi

The Paris Commune of 1871

by Shahab Ferdowsi on

Was the best example of democracy we have ever seen in the West. No country on earth presently has a democracy and anyone who says otherwise is either deluded or a propagandist. As Aristotle rightfully predicted in the Politics, the nature of democracy is to descend into demagoguery and demagoguery into tyranny. With the onset of the national security state in all of the so-called Western liberal democracies (i.e. NDAA, SOPA, PIPA, USA Patriot Act, overbloated police powers and surveillance, CCTV etc), we are presently living through the phase of tyranny and thus the complete unravelling of the theoretical democratic polity that is the Western so-called democracies. This was all foreseen by Aristotle, Marx, de Tocqueville and countless other political thinkers during the past 2000 years.

G. Rahmanian

Dear Anglophile:

by G. Rahmanian on

It is, "the late ILI."