Pragmatism of Egypt -versus- Mediaevalism of Pakistani politicians!


Pragmatism of Egypt -versus- Mediaevalism of Pakistani politicians!
by Iqbal Latif

 I feel narcissistically that Mursi is listening to my advice of last year in the Extremists are no one’s friends they believe in killing and maiming any nation. Mursi of 'Brotherhood' realizes that now, he orders Apache attack that killed 20 terrorists. 

A funeral in which Brotherhood Prime Minister was pelted with stones for 'Brotherhood' ambivalence and lack of clarity on terrorist attack. This is a Tale of Two Funerals -- Pragmatism of Egypt -versus- Medievalism of Pakistani politicians! He had no choice; the people of Egypt pelted Mursi’s newly-appointed Prime Minister Hisham Qandil with shoes when he came for the funeral of 16 Egyptian soldiers killed.  Mursi exacts revenge on the militants! Mursi realized 'he' could not run with the hare and hunt with the hounds. He is hunting! Egypt's military killed 20 militants in a helicopter strike in Sinai on Wednesday, state television reported, days after 16 of its soldiers were killed in an attack attributed to Islamic extremists. The state-owned Nile News television reported that an Egyptian air force Apache helicopter fired on the militants' vehicles in the north of the peninsula.   

Gunmen donned in Bedouin costumes had attacked an army outpost in the border. Sixteen Egyptian soldiers were killed anseven wounded Sunday when assailants with semiautomatic weapons and hand grenades stole two armoured vehicles from Egyptian forces and tried to enter Israel. The 35 gunmen are said to have entered Egypt from Gaza and then crossed into Israel where Israeli police killed eight of them. The Sinai region is principally demilitarised. But growing lawlessness over the last year has opened the door to Bedouin bandits, extremists and Palestinian militants. The attack took place near the Rafah border crossing. It is thought they were Islamic extremists. However, Mursi’s Muslim Brotherhood’s website said the Israeli intelligence service, Mossad, could have been behind it. Israel blamed militants associated with the group Global Jihad for Sunday's attack. No group had claimed responsibility for the attack on Sunday.  Egypt on Monday received the charred bodies of six assailants handed over from Israel and the bodies have been transferred to the Forensic Department in Cairo University in order to conduct DNA tests in an attempt to identify the perpetrators. Egyptian military officials called the assailants "enemies" of the nation, while the Muslim Brotherhood repeated the charge the the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad was behind the killings. 

The Egyptian government after closing the Rafah border "indefinitely"  into the Gaza Strip following the attack has now pledged to regain control of the area – a promise that might appease locals around Rafah who have been burning tyres and chanting anti-Mursi slogans, accusing the government of not doing enough to protect them. Egypt is now set to move to block hundreds of smuggling tunnels into the Gaza Strip. The engineers armed forces brigades arrived with heavy machinery, bulldozers, cranes on flatbed trucks, and some equipment has been transported by planes. The operation's objective is to block all tunnels used to smuggle illegal products and humans into Gaza. This was not possible under Mubarak but Mursi will now do what tyrants could not do since 1967. Closing the principal supply line of self-destructing Hamas and Global Jihad. 

President Mohamed Mursi faced the most serious test since assuming office. Initially his party went for the 'conspiracy theory' suggesting Mossad was behind the killings. But once the charred bodies of militants killed in Israel after the raid revealed the origins as Arab Palestinians from the group Global Jihad, Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi, who has repeatedly said that Egypt will honor its international agreements, ordered the military to take “complete control” of the region and send in helicopter gunships.

Egypt’s President Mohamed Mursi has visited the spot near the Israeli border where gunmen killed 16 police officers on Sunday. The military funeral held on Tuesday for the 16 soldiers was attended by Shaikh Al Azhar Ahmad Al Tayeb Al Jala’a, Sami Anan, Chief of Staff, Field Marshal Hussain Tantawi, Defence Minister, ex-Prime Minister Minister Kamal Al Ganzouri and ex-Arab League Secretary General Amr Mousa. President Mohammad Mursi did not attend. The solemn funeral started from an army mosque in eastern Cairo. There was no official explanation for Mursi’s no-show despite earlier reports by state media of his participation. Hundreds of ordinary Egyptians attended the funeral. Some mourners chanted angry slogans against Mursi and his group, Muslim Brotherhood, over their recent rapprochement with the Palestinian movement Hamas who is ruling the Gaza Strip.

Mursi’s newly appointed Prime Minister Hisham Qandil was pelted by shoes during the ceremony, aired live on state television, as the flag-draped coffins of the soldiers killed on Aug. 5 were carried on a parade route where former President Anwar Sadat was assassinated more than 30 years ago.  As troops held back the crowd, some mourners chanted that the military and people were “one hand,” while others railed against Mursi, the Brotherhood and the group’s spiritual leader, chanting “leave, leave,” as coffins were carried into a mosque. 

Medievalism of Pakistani politicians: A funeral where moral equivalence is drawn on the reasons why crude Taliban are so backward, uncouth and beheading soldiers without any iota of remorse. Taliban are the people who have robbed "civilised" from the society. They commit heinous acts to constitute a society that has all the hallmarks of what antiquated early Islamic societies were all about. So far 3000 soldiers have been killed by militants in action. 

Militants carried out beheadings of many Pakistani troops several times after being captured and killed during an attack in North Waziristan. Pakistan's intelligence says home-grown Islamist militants have overtaken the Indian army as the greatest threat to national security, a finding with potential ramifications for relations between the two rival South Asian nations and for the U.S.-led war in Afghanistan.  A recent internal assessment of security by Pakistan's powerful military spy agency, determined that for the first time in 63 years it expects a majority of threats to come from Islamic militants, according to a senior ISI officer.   

Pakistan faces fragmentation of its societal infrastructure from threats emanating from ideological extremism. They have to go and learn from Egyptian pragmatics and the House of Saud, there is no one who is better in handling the hypocrisies and two facedness of political Islam. The assessment, a regular review of national security, allocates a two-thirds likelihood of a major threat to the state coming from militants rather than from India or elsewhere. It is the first time since the two countries gained independence from Britain in 1947 that India hasn't been viewed as the top threat. Decades into one of the most bitter neighborly rivalries in modern history, both countries maintain huge troop deployments along their Himalayan border.   "It's earth shattering. That's a remarkable change," said Bruce Hoffman, a counterterrorism specialist and professor at Georgetown University. "It's yet another ratcheting up of the Pakistanis' recognition of not only their own internal problems but cooperation in the war on terrorism."

It is unclear whether the assessment of the ISI—a powerful group largely staffed by active military officers—is fully endorsed by Pakistan's military and civilian government. The assessment's impact on troop positioning and Pakistan's war against militants remains to be seen. When Americans hit these militants by drones the reaction is ambivalent. Pakistan should exactly do what Egyptians did to the killer of their soldiers. The 'Pragmatism of Egypt' -vs- 'Mediaevalism of Pakistani politicians is clearly visible!' The foolish and stupid strategy based on a conspiracy theory of connecting evil to attack on sovereignty is what ails Pakistan. 

Appeasement and inclusion of extremists will only make problems worse; they are looking for expansion of Jihad not limitation, a society like Afghanistan that only perpetuates on 'Will of 'Allah' and no materialism except Opium trade and guns. Taliban wants an 'Islamic state' in Afghanistan but the Pragmatism of Egypt versus Medievalism of Pakistani politicians is clearly visible! Taliban’s agenda is not Islam, it is creating anarchy and terror in society. Killing is their favourite route to establish an archaic and backward society. How do Pakistani supposedly liberal politicians react to it:"I love Pakistan, but now where do I go for justice? Is there a court of law that will compensate me? No. I would pick up a gun now and fight. And who will I pick up a gun for? The Taliban I don't like the Taliban. But I will join them, because that is how I will seek justice. That is what is happening, every day," he told The Independent. 

Justice is not secured by picking guns, justice is secured by according dispensation of equitable handling to all people of the society, especially by excluding those who believe in terror outfits and tapered viewpoint. 'Inclusion in the world 'demands that first hurdle of 'openness ' to be jumped clearly without any uncertainty. This is the crux of the problem, you don't appease evil, you hit evil on the head and you eliminate it. Mursi is far more pragmatic, far more clear headed than Pakistani politicians, these people have no idea what state craft is all about. They will soon realize like Mursi who is a great follower of Jihad that he cannot run with the hare and hunt with the hounds!


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