IRAN: Everyday Injustices Part of Life


IRAN: Everyday Injustices Part of Life
by Maryam Nayeb Yazdi

Iranian society includes many layers of injustice.  While most of the concentration is placed on blatant violations that usually pertain to legal matters, regular acts of abuse are overlooked as norms and thus more accepted, all resulting from the governmental system in Iran. The repression, oppression, psychological and physical abuse, and the pseudo-religious indoctrinations are all inflicted by the regime into daily Iranian life.

The following clip is an example of why the regime is easily able to get away with torture and violence throughout the decades.  Three children in Tehran are shown being spanked by possibly their coach during what seems to be a swimming class.  It is alarming that none of the adults in the video react to the barbarism:

When a society tolerates child abuse, it will also tolerate lashings as punishment, torture as a means of investigation, and moral police using violence to secure public order, and so on.


MORE EVERYDAY INJUSTICE | Top Master’s Student Banned from Education

فرزانه جلالی، رتبه ۶ کنکور کارشناسی ارشد از ادامه تحصیل محروم شد

Farzaneh Jalali, an anthropolgy student at the University of Tehran who, despite being ranked sixth in the 2010 Master’s entrance exam, was expelled from continuing her education. Her efforts to review and appeal the decision have produced no results.

According to Jaras, during her studies, Farzaneh was a university student activist, a member of the Islamic Students Association, and the director of the University of Tehran’s morning newspaper.

In the wake of the university dormitory attacks and the post-election events, Farzaneh Jalali was called in to the Revolutionary Court and the office of the Ministry of Information.

Farzaneh has no previous record of being summoned to the disciplinary committee or receiving a disciplinary sentence. 


- Maryam Nayeb Yazdi and Siavosh Jalili, Persian2English 


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AO jon, he can't

by Cost-of-Progress on

Mark is fullfilling his duty as a ....wait, why is this guy here on this site every freaking day posting on every freaking blog that criticizes the regime which HE apparently escaped from? 

The only reasonable assumption is that he, along with many others who kiss the ass of those who have taken us back a hundred years, benefit from their backing of the enemy of Iran and her people.

These people want real bad for everyone to beleive that the Iranian people actually want this anti Iran regime - one asshole "antellectual" keeps repeating that 85% voted in the elections. Be that as it may, they voted because they wanted change from the status quo, not because they want this ass backward regime bent on the destruction of their ancestoral land to stay.

Is it any wonder why Iran is so fucked up?




Anonymous Observer

Mark M, can you do us all a favor

by Anonymous Observer on

and STFU for a few days?  And by that I mean STFU online.  Just don't leave comments on every f##king thread on this site.  I think I can speak for everyone in saying that we are terribly sick and tired of seeing your avatar and reading your nonsensical comments day in and day out on every thread on this site...and at all hours of the day.  

Just take a break and disappear for a while.  Go something...I don't know...go back to Hawaii and ride your bike...right into the center of a volcano or something...but seriously, just leave us alone for a while.  

I know that you have been rejected from the American society and are looking for a home....perhaps you can try some other ethnicities's sites?  I think North Korean sites will be suitable for you?!   

Sargord Pirouz

Golly, if you think a single

by Sargord Pirouz on

Golly, if you think a single questionable application of discipline should characterize an entire society and form of government, what do you think of Russian skinheads attacking young migrant workers from the Asiatic steppe or Caucasus? Or Israeli settler attacks on Palestinian children? There are YouTube videos of such.

But I get it. The whole idea is to demonize the place from where you "cut and run" and now find yourself in never ending exile. Yep, it's all about personal resentment and an inferiority complex. Got it.