Khavaran: silencing the dead


Khavaran: silencing the dead
by Paymaneh Amiri

Of all the crimes the Islamic Republic of Iran has committed, the mass executions of 1988 continue to be the most revealing of the regime’s contempt and fear of political dissidents in Iran.  Many of the thousands of people who were nightly executed during those short few months in Tehran have been buried in an old non-Muslim cemetery, named Khavaran. 

Horrific eyewitness details of the discovery of mass graves at the site brought attention to Khavaran.  Victims’ families gather there regularly to remember their lives and savage executions and burials in mass graves.  The Iranian government has regularly disrupted gatherings at the site and has attempted to destroy evidence of the mass graves under pretenses of building a park in its place several times, each time unsuccessfully.  International human rights organizations have repeatedly asked the Iranian government to allow forensic investigation of the graveyard to determine the number of people buried there.  Though of the 5,000 to 10,000 prisoners believed to have been murdered during what is referred to as “Prison Massacre of 1988” as many as 5,000 are believed to have been buried at Khavaran, a former Ministry of Information top official, Reza Malek, has recently provided testimony to the much higher number of 33,700 executions, many of whom are buried in 170 to 190 mass graves at Khavaran.

The recent demolition of any signs and markings left by victims’ families about their loved one’s burial at the site, and its replacement with fresh dirt and planted trees has intensified general concern that IRI is working hard to move and destroy evidence of the graves.  Really, if murdering all those people was a good and justified thing, why the insistence on destroying evidence of it?  If and when an investigation is launched into the executions, couldn’t the Iranian government provide a convincing case about why all those men and women deserved to die?  The answer must be resounding no. 

It’s true.  They can capture dissidents, imprison and torture them, keep them in detention past their sentences, and execute them en masse, carrying their bodies in trucks to a remote location and bury them together, harass their family members and keep them from memorializing their loved ones, and after 21 years attempt to cover up the cemetery to remove all signs that those people ever existed and this crime ever happened.  But what would they do with history? 

What would they do with the message that bunch of bones has been sending humanity for the past 21 years and for ever to come?  How will they silence the dead?


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Uneducated ignorants

by KavehV (not verified) on

I'm not here to defend any religion let alone the cult of Khomeini but Islam alone can't kill people. It takes people to kill people and last I checked these guys weren't imported from Iraq or Saudi Arabia.

How ignorant can one be ?

Can anyone prove that these genocidal barbarics were not from Arabia, modern Iraq, or Jebel Amel Lenanon ?

Islamic morons are abound!

Eradicate Islam!

Shazde Asdola Mirza

god is great ...

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

ایشالاه ده برابر این قبرستون ها رو واسه آخوندا درست می‌کنیم!


Excuse me but

by Asghar_Massombagi on

the clergy who sanctioned this massacre, the interrogators who tortured the prisoners, the prosecutors who put together lists, the foot soldiers who marched them to killing fields and pulled the triggers and strung them up were not Martians, they were born and bred Iranians.  You can argue over whether or not Islam sanctions these crimes in general or a demented vengeful medieval interpretation of Islam; I'm not here to defend any religion let alone the cult of Khomeini but Islam alone can't kill people. It takes people to kill people and last I checked these guys weren't imported from Iraq or Saudi Arabia.  I know, I went to school with people like that.  I'm not going to mention people like Montazeri who have explicitly condemned these killings and other medieval practices like raping female prisoners based on some demented interpretation of Islam.  All religions have committed heinous acts, same as secular ideologies like Nazism and Soviet communism.  The United States committed genocide against Native Indians and allowed slavery. The Lincoln you quoted from oversaw a very ugly and bloody civil war during which more Americans were killed by other Americans that any foreign conflict the USA has ever been involved in.  So don't get yourself in a tizzy when I say this is a crime committed by Iranians against Iranians.  The silver bullet of Islam won't let Iran and Iranians off the hook. You gotta dig deeper in the national psyche. By the way, promises of another bloodletting don’t resolve anything.  Revenge in the long term will only bury the wounds, which will resurface again.  And stop name calling.


LG: I hear you my friend and

by willow (not verified) on

LG: I hear you my friend and share your sorrow.

You hit it on the nail. It is an Islamic Inquisition and the world stood silent...

I can't fathom the pain and suffering of the loved ones these heroes left behind.

May Justice prevail!


Hear the Voice of Islamic Inquisition

by LalehGillani on

“This was a crime perpetrated by Iranians on Iranians.”

Some of the fallen buried in cemeteries of infidels across Iran are my kin. My family mourns their loss by speaking on their behalf. We will not be silenced. Please don’t presume that their blood will be taken in vain to score political points…

This massacre was not a crime perpetrated by Iranians on Iranians. This carnage is sanctioned by Islam on non-believers.

This is the Islamic Inquisition speaking:

1. Are you a Muslim?
2. Do you believe in God?
3. Is the Holy Koran the Word of God?
4. Do you believe in Heaven and Hell?
5. Do you accept the Holy Muhammad to be the Seal of the Prophets?
6. Will you publicly recant historical materialism?
7. Will you denounce your former beliefs before the cameras?
8. Do you fast during Ramadan?
9. Do you pray and read the Holy Koran?
10. Would you rather share a cell with a Muslim or a non-Muslim?
11. Will you sign an affidavit that you believe in God, the Prophet, the Holy Koran, and the Resurrection?
12. When you were growing up did your father pray, fast, and read the Holy Koran?


Stop scoring points!

by Asghar_Massombagi on

This crime has been documented and will never be forgotten. Those directly responsible will be brought to justice one day and those who gave silent ascent will have to answer.  I won't go into details of how such an act could occur and what was the context that brought  it about but, some of you, stop scoring points off the blood and memory of these folks.  Note that many of the prisoners were members and sympathizers of the Mujahedin-e Khalgh, and regardless of what one thinks of the organization, were devout Muslems, their version of Islam. The remainder were mostly members of various left-wing groups. Can you not drag the Jews into this discussion?  This was a crime perpetrated by Iranians on Iranians.


Nature Magazine has a great

by anti-hypocrisy (not verified) on

Nature Magazine has a great editorial about the two Iranian doctors in captivity.

An appeal to President Ahmadinejad
Top of pageAbstractThe conviction of two Iranian AIDS physicians violates international norms of justice and threatens to undermine collaborations between Iranian scientists and their colleagues elsewhere...

What you can do is to write to the magazine and thank them for their efforts:

Isn't it interesting that our own community is silent about this? Where is NIAC??


Khavaran also served as the

by Ali Najafi (not verified) on

Khavaran also served as the burial site of some the Baha'i leadership, who were executed in the early 1980s. This morning, the Baha'i community issued a statement regarding the desecration of the grave sites.

Mona 19

They can not kill/destroy our SPIRIT :)

by Mona 19 on

Another shameful act and sign of intolererance.




It's shocking beyond words

by javaneh29 on

that the IRI has got away with such crimes against humanity. Oh course I was always aware that these things were going on and I create awareness, promote petitions amonst as many people as I can here in the UK, including politicians re stoning and  child executions but, watching that film and reading all the other links has trully brought something home to me during the night. I couldnt sleep at all. The film was so devasting to watch and my heart went out to all those victims of torture, to those others who did not survive to tell their stories and for the babies that were never born because their mothers were executed while they were still in the womb.

 I cried many tears watching that film and I have a lump in my heart and anger in my del. I want to do something .... what can we do?????????

How can the world do nothing? How can the IRI justify such barbaric injustice and cruelty? How can those men do such things to other human lives.... it is so beyond my comprenhension. Something has gone too far wrong and I only hope and pray justice will be served. 

One thing I am going to do is send that link to every british politician I can. I dont expect anything will come of it, but I want them to have it on their minds too.

tearfully  and with gut wrenching anger and frustration




by Fatollah (not verified) on

Thanks for the Link. I was very upset after watching this documentary ... I recommend IRI apologists on this site to watch it



by shortfil (not verified) on

Massacre of Afghans by IRI:

قتل عام افغانها در جمهوری اسلامی به فیلم در می آید
سایت 8 صبح در افغانستان

فلم «سفید سنگ» قربانیان ازلی
يكشنبه, 01 جدي 1387 22:29 نویسنده: شایق علی

در سال 1377 نیروی نظامی ایران 630 تن از افغان های زندانی در اردوگاه «سفید سنگ» را قتل عام کرد. زندانیان که همه به جرم افغان بودن برای زمان نامحدودی در آن اردوگاه نگهداری می شدند، آن سال به خاطر وضعیت بسیار وحشت ناک اردوگاه دست به احتجاج زدند. دولت ایران با فرستادن هلیکوپترهای نظامی، تمام زندانیان را به رگبار بست و پس از چندی بر روی گور دسته جمعی آنان یک سرک قیرریزی شده اعمار کرد. از میان زندانیان اما، جمعی نیز توانستند پنهان شوند و یا فرار کنند؛ از آن میان داوود عظیمی است که حالا در فلم «سفید سنگ» به عنوان یکی از بازیگران اصلی حضور دارد.
در فلم «سفید سنگ» داوود وهاب تهیه کننده، زبیر فرغند، کارگردان و همایون پاییز بازیگر نقش اول آن اند. تیم فلم ساز در شمال کابل اردوگاه «سفید سنگ» را بازسازی کرده اند و تمام حوادث فلم نیز در همان جا فلم برداری می شود. بودجه ی 300هزار دالری فلم از سوی یک موسسه ی امریکایی پرداخت شده است. جالب این جاست که محل فلم برداری این فلم فقط کمی با پایگاه هوایی بگرام فاصله دارد، جایی که نظامیان امریکایی زندانیان افغان را در آن جا نگهداری می کنند.
تلاش زیادی صورت گرفته است تا فلم «سفید سنگ» از هر نگاه بتواند تصویری باشد از آن واقعه ی مخوف سال 1377 که اتفاقا کسان زیادی از آن خبر ندارند. واقعه ای که گزارشگر روزنامه ی «اندیپندنت» آن را کاملا هالیوودی می خواند و در شماره ی 20 نوامبر آن روزنامه درباره ی آن فلم می نویسد: «داستان بزرگی که می شود از آن فلم بزرگی ساخت». تهیه کننده ی فلم به اندیپندنت گفته است: «ما تمام این اردوگاه، به شمول سیم های خاردار، دیوارهای سمنتی و تمام جزییات دیگر را بازسازی کردیم، حتا با مواد فاضله ی ساختگی کف اتاق ها را پوشاندیم». با


(2)Genocidal Islam

by KavehV (not verified) on

Islamic crimes against humanity:

The commission prefaced the proceedings with the false assurance that this was not a trial but a process for initiating a general amnesty and separating the Muslims from the non-Muslims. Prisoners were told that authorities were asking them these questions because they planned to separate practicing Muslims from non-practicing ones. However, the real reason was to determine whether the prisoners qualified as apostates from Islam, in which case they would join the moharebs in the gallows.

These were also assured they were in no danger and asked:

1. `Are you a Muslim?`
2. `Do you believe in God?`
3. `Is the Holy Koran the Word of God?`
4. `Do you believe in Heaven and Hell?`
5. `Do you accept the Holy Muhammad to be the Seal of the Prophets?`
6. `Will you publicly recant historical materialism?`
7. `Will you denounce your former beliefs before the cameras?`
8. `Do you fast during Ramadan?`
9. `Do you pray and read the Holy Koran?`
10.`Would you rather share a cell with a Muslim or a non-Muslim?`
11.`Will you sign an affidavit that you believe in God, the Prophet, the Holy Koran, and the Resurrection?`
12.`When you were growing up did your father pray, fast, and read the Holy Koran?`

Not surprisingly almost all the prisoners failed to answer in the affirmative to all the questions.


Eradicate Islam!


(1)Genocidal Islam

by KavehV (not verified) on

In Tehran the special commission for the executions had 16 members representing the various authorities of the Islamic government - Imam Khomeini himself, the president, the chief prosecutor, the Revolutionary Tribunals, the Ministries of Justice and Intelligence, and the administration of Evin and Gohar Dasht, the two prisons in the Tehran area from which the prisoner were eliminated. The chair of the commission was Ayatollah Eshraqi. His two special assistants were Hojatt al-Islam Nayeri and Hojjat al-Islam Mobasheri. The commission shuttled back and forth between Evan and Gohar Dasht prisons by helicopter. In the provinces similar commissions were established, but less is known about them. [8]

The prisoners were not executed without any proceedings, but were "tried" on charges totally unrelated to the charges that had landed them in prison. They were interviewed by commissions with a set list of questions to see if they qualified as moharebs or mortads to the satisfaction of that commission. Many, if not most, of the prisoners were unaware of the true purpose of the questions, although later some were warned by the prison grapevine.

Taken from:


"rumors" and "lies"

by Zion on

The good ole pals of the IRI, thanks to their success in achieving the "independence" that "popular" revolution was all about, have already opened our eyes to the "fact" that the Holocaust was a big "Zionist scheme". They are just proving their zeal to be consistent in this regard. A few years from now, and their good loud mouths here and there, like the ones we have here with us, can come back and say how all this talk of a massacre was just a "zionist rumor" with no evidence to back it up.
Simple as that.

anonymous fish

it's a "media bias" conspiracy!

by anonymous fish on

don't you know anything!




سکوت تو شرم آور است. سکوت تو خیانت وطن است. خون این شهیدان به پای شیعه است.



by Majid on

You said it my friend......

In those days, both side of the fence were missing it big time, if you ask me.

In farsi/Arabic/Shia..... there is this saying: 

 « لا لحٌب العلی بل لبُغض المعاویه »

meaning : "not that I care for this side , but  just because I hate the other side" and in the meantime our own nation was struggling with this massacres and more! 


Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

Good question. They're probably all to busy looking for a Jew to pin blame upon.


Where Are All the Humanists?

by Anonymousessss (not verified) on

I just want to note the absence of all of our resident "humanists" on this blog.

When it comes to Gaza, under the guise of humanity, they write piece after piece calling for a boycott of Israeli products, they plead with Obama to show courage and stand up to Israel, advocate and wish for Israel to disappear of the face of the earth, call everyone who disagrees with them, even in the slightest, a blood thirsty Zionist….but now, when it comes to THIS humanitarian catastrophe in their own country, we hear nothing, nada, zilch…...That is why I expose them by calling them out on their real agenda, which is not the Palestinians at all, but rather they virulent anti-western ideology….

What a bunch of hypcrites!!!!

anonymous fish

sometimes it seems so surreal to me

by anonymous fish on

the author in "reading lolita in tehran" described many such cases where students and teachers, dissidents and innocent bystanders alike just disappeared into the night and never heard from again.  or that their deaths would be announced weeks or months later.

the only thing i can really say is that i hope things change.  i don't know who, what, when, where or why, but i hope something happens.

peace out


Between August 1988 and

by al (not verified) on

Between August 1988 and February 1989, the Iranian authorities carried out a massive wave of executions of political prisoners – the largest since those carried out in the first and second year after the Iranian revolution in 1979. In all, between 4,500 and 10,000 prisoners are believed to have been killed.

Amnesty International has repeatedly called for those responsible for the “prison massacre” to be brought to justice in a fair trial without the death penalty.

For further information, see Iran: The 20th anniversary of 1988 "Prison Massacre", AI Index: MDE 13/118/2008, 19 August 2008,

Amnesty International’s report, Iran: Violations of human rights 1987-1990 (AI Index MDE 13/21/90).

Read their stories in a Cyber memorial in defense of human rights in IRI and list of other victims of IRI:

Omid, a memorial in defense of human rights in Iran

In 1979 a revolution took place that changed
the fate of millions of Iranian citizens

A practicing doctor in 1979…

...He was arrested in his hometown shortly after the
revolution. A former cellmate recalled: "He was well-
spoken, warm-hearted, and brave.

A practicing doctor in 1979…

...He was arrested in his hometown shortly after the
revolution. A former cellmate recalled: "He was well-
spoken, warm-hearted, and brave. He had started his own medical clinic and, at the same time, had become a deputy in the parliament. He told me that he had barely escaped execution, had forfeited everything he owned, and had been condemned to a one-year exile. He said that they had sent him to Tehran to determine where he would finish his sentence. ... He talked about everything with simplicity, ease, and joy... 'I lost everything once before ... This time is no different. I'll start again.'" Yet, it was not to exile but to the 'Execution Corridor' that the revolutionaries sent him.

more... close...

A nurse in Iranian Kurdistan in 1980…

...She encouraged two French journalists to report on the "butchery" they had witnessed.

A nurse in Iranian Kurdistan in 1980…

...She encouraged two French journalists to report on the "butchery" they had witnessed. She hoped that international intervention would stop the Iranian army from shooting at ambulances and would allow the delivery of urgently needed medical supplies. She was arrested and charged with making "counter-revolutionary" comments published in a foreign newspaper. Executed on June 17, she was thirty years old.

more... close...

A young girl in Tehran in 1981…

...Arrested for swimming in her home pool in a bathing suit,

A young girl in Tehran in 1981…

...Arrested for swimming in her home pool in a bathing suit, she was found guilty of causing "a state of sexual arousal" in a neighbor from whose house she could be seen. She was sentenced to sixty lashes in April 1981, but she died after the thirtieth lash.

more... close...

A lawyer and a political prisoner during the summer of 1988...

...He had languished in a Tehran prison for years solely
for his political beliefs when he was called before a
"Death Committee."

A lawyer and a political prisoner during the summer of 1988...

...He had languished in a Tehran prison for years solely
for his political beliefs when he was called before a
"Death Committee." They asked him whether he was a Marxist or a Muslim. He referred them to their own constitution, which prohibits inquisition into one's beliefs. They told him that they did not need lessons and ordered his execution. He, like thousands of others who died in the summer and fall of 1988, was punished for resisting torture and refusing to embrace the State's ideology.

more... close...

A woman in love in 1994…

...She was found guilty of adultery. On February 1, she was buried up to her breasts in Tehran and stoned to death,

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

I remember those words from a book report I wrote on Abraham Lincoln in school, and then years later when watching "Saving Private Ryan".

Very appropriate.

I would like to see a day where we don't have to use these words in the same context Lincoln did ever again.


So Costly a Sacrifice Upon the Altar of Freedom

by LalehGillani on

“I feel how weak and fruitless must be any words of mine which should attempt to beguile you from the grief of a loss so overwhelming. But I can not refrain from tendering to you the consolation that may be found in the thanks of the Republic they died to save. I pray that our Heavenly Father may assuage the anguish of our bereavement, and leave you only the cherished memory of the loved and lost, and the solemn pride that must be yours to have laid so costly a sacrifice upon the altar of freedom.” Abraham Lincoln

We will avenge them not by words but with blood…


A must watch Movie!

by al (not verified) on

IRI has not been held accountable once in 30 years of perpetrating domestic terroris against its citizens nor against foreign nations. I think Argentina is the only country that has had the moral courage to issue an arrest warrant for Rafsanjani et al. None of the IRI's crimes even outside of Iran, for instance, the Mykonos trial, or assassination of political figures abroad have been condemened by the International community. Why???

"A Few Simple Shots"

Crimes Against Humanity Committed by the Islamic Republic of Iran

(full length movie)

Adib Masumian

History repeats itself

by Adib Masumian on

They are trying to erase a historical event the same way the Nazis did, and it will most certainly prove unsuccessful as it did with them.

This is shameful.


The Western powers and media

by al (not verified) on

The Western powers and media are also to blame. For the past five/six years or so, when confronting the IRI, the only issue they bring up is the nuclear dossier, Natanz, etc.

The shah was viciously demonized by the Western Media/powers for a fraction of crimes that the IRI has done and continues to pepetrate.

Why does the IRI get such a preferential treatment from the Western Media?? Think about it..

Where is Gary Sick? Where is Maloney? Where is Cater? Where is Nasr? Where is Aslan?

rosie is roxy is roshan

There's a LETTER you can sign and send to UN, CALL TO ACTION

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

at the link at the  end of this blog I posted for darkesthourss this link leads you to the original article by Kamangir which contains the link to the letter to the UN.  I thought you might like to also see the texts as well as the letter.

(Sorry if the was already here in your links but I didn't see it...)


اسامی قربانيان کشتار سال۶۷ در زندان ها

wind (not verified)

Thank you Paymaneh aziz. I wish everyone was as courageous as you are when talking about IRI's crimes against humanity on this site is frowned upon.

تکمیل سند قتل عام زندانیان سیاسی در سال ۶
ما چه می توانستیم به این عزیزان بگوئیم جز این که ما را در غم واندوهشان شریک بدانند ، جز این که بگوئیم تلاش ما براین است که روزی این سند را در دادگاهی صالح ارائه کنیم تا مسئولین این جنایت ضد بشری شناخته و مورد محاکمه قرار گیرند. جز این که امیدوار باشیم که بعد ازاین هرگز چنین جنایتی در کشورمان تکرار نشود.

سال گذشته نیز نامه های الکترونکی بسیاری از طرف خانواده ها و همبندان سابق جان باخته گان سال ۶۷ دریافت نمودیم ،که اکثرأ در جهت هرچه تکمیل تر نمودن لیست شهدای سال ۶۷ بود. در میان نامه های دریافتی تعدادی نیز توسط فرزندان این عزیزان جان باخته، فرستاده شده بود که ضمن شهادت به اعدام پدر، از درد و رنج و اندوه بی پایان خود نیز برای ما نوشته بودند.
فرزندی که پدرش را ۷ مهر ماه ۱۳۶۷ در زندان اوین اعدام کرده اند و ما از ایشا ن با عنوان شاهد شماره ۲۰۳ یاد می کنیم نوشته است :
" یاد همه شون گرامی باد .
همه شون را دوست دارم .
می رسد روز انتقام، روزی .
یکی اون بالاست."
فرزند دیگری نوشته است:" در ۴ آذر سال ۶۷ مادرم مثل هزاران نفر دیگر به کمیته رفت و وسایل پدرم را تحویل گرفت ."
ما چه می توانستیم به این عزیزان بگوئیم جز این که ما را در غم واندوهشان شریک بدانند، جز این که بگوئیم تلاش ما براین است که روزی این سند را در دادگاهی صالح ارائه کنیم تا مسئولین این جنایت ضد بشری شناخته و مورد محاکمه قرار گیرند. جز این که امیدوار باشیم که بعد ازاین هرگز چنین جنایتی در کشورمان تکرار نشود.
دوستی که از ایشان با نام شاهد شماره ۲۰۴ یاد می کنیم، کار بسیار با ارزشی انجام داده اند، ایشان بعد از ذکر مقدمه ای، اسامی اعدام شدگان شهر خود، لنگرود را ارسال داشته اند. این لیست شامل ۱۲۹ نفر می باشد که اعدام شدگان در دو رژیم را در بر می گیرد. در مقدمه نوشته اند :"....تعداد قتل عام شدگان نسبت به جمعیت شهری چون لنگرود؛ بیش از هر چیز نشانه ابعاد وسیع سبوعیت آدم خوارانه این دو نظام است. ما وظیفه داریم که نام این عزیزان را در حافظه تاریخی مردم امان زنده نگهداریم..." ایشان هم چنین عکس هایی از گور های دستجمی شهر لنگرود نیز فرستاده اند. به ضمیمه یادداشت هائی که در آن ها از جمله می خوانیم: "... و خانواده ها نیز در آن محیط کوچک و خفقان زای شهرستان لنگرود، حق جمع شدن و گریه و فغان را هم در کنار قبر ها ندارند. هرچند که هر از گاهی مادر و پدری پیر یا همسر و فرزندی را می بینیم که در خلوت خویش بر سر گوری می گریند. ..."
دوست دیگری که از ایشان با نام شاهد شماره ۲۰۶ یاد می کنیم و خود در همان سال در زندان عادل آباد شیراز زندانی بوده اند و خوشبختانه از قتل عام این سال جان سالم به در برده اند، با احساس مسئولیت تمام، نام اعدام شدگان این زندان را تا آن جا که در خاطر داشته اند، یادداشت و برای ما هم ارسال داشته اند.
ما به رسم هر ساله با توجه به اطلاعات جدید لیست موجود را چنان که ملاحظه می شود، تدقیق و تکمیل کرده ایم .
با تشکر فراوان از همه شما عزیزان، یادآور می شویم که با توجه به این که تا کنون مسئولین رژیم جمهوری اسلامی، از این حق ابتدائی بازماندگان و خانواده های داغ دار مبنی براطلاع یافتن از شمار، نام، مشخصات، محل دفن و… قربانیان این جنایت سر باز می زنند، تکمیل این سند بدون یاری و همفکری شما امکان پذیر نیست .
دوستان و هم میهنان گرامی، کار بر روی این پرونده برای ما تعطیل بردار نیست. هم چنان چشم به راه خاطرات، مشاهدات، عکس ها، اسناد و اطلاعات شما هستیم .

تکمیل سند قتل عام زندانیان سیاسی در سال ۶۷

اسامی جانباختگان کشتار سال ۱۳۶۷ در زندان های جمهوری اسلامی
(لیست جدید آبان ۱۳۸۷)
ب - ت
ج - خ
د - ز
س - ض
ط - ف
ن - ی

با ما با آدرس زیر تماس بگیرید

گفت وگوی شهروند با ایرج مصداقی از شاهدان کشتار ۶۷
زندان های جمهوری اسلامی
پای سخنان شاهد کشتارهای ۶۷
گفت وگو: پروین کوه گیلانی
جمعه ۵ مهر ۱۳۸۷ - ۲۶ سپتامبر ۲۰۰۸


Right now they want to

by wind (not verified) on

Right now they want to bulldoze the Khavaran cemetery, and this time even Amnesty International has condemned such an act. So Iranians can mobilise the international public opinion against the destruction of Khavaran now.

Also we can still try to set up an international court to investigate the crimes against humanity carried out in Iran in 1988 and identify the culprits. Look at the Jews they persued the Nazi criminals right to the end. They didn't say oh the massacre was before I was born, I can't do anything about it.