Iran should be in the G20

by Q

Iran is a top 20 economy in the world as measured by GDP Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) and should be included in G20 according to their own criteria.

According to International Monitary Fund, World Bank and CIA World Factbook, Iran ranks in the top 20 world economies.

Iran outranks Saudi Arabia, Argentina and South Africa and even Australia (in the World Bank rankings) who are members of the G20, but it is not included. Even if we consider the (now obsolete) nominal GDP rankings where local inflation and cost of living is not counted, Iran still scores higher than Argentina and South Africa.

We all know that despite the empty rhetoric of "free markets" and "Capitalism" no such thing actually exists. A bunch of mostly former colonial powers pretend to have "faith" in capitalism and free markets so long as they end up on top. If it looks like they may not be best served by free markets, they will promptly scrap its principles for themselves. If it looks like non-client states like Iran are making inroads in their little economic club in spite of sanctions, pressure and every NON-free market dirty trick in the book, they will simply keep them out artificially.

How long do they think these games can last?


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do people have brains?

by Q on

Honestly, I keep hearing how Iranians are supposed to be smart and they have a lot of degrees. I see little evidence of it here.

Anonymous7: Yes Cigar! First of all, most economists now use GDP-PPP as a more correct measure of GDP output. G20 economists used the PPP values for its pseudo-selection as well. Second, as I explained in the blog (which you did not or could not understand), Iran still scores higher than some of the countries who ARE in the G20. Let me reprint it for you:

Even if we consider the (now obsolete) nominal GDP rankings where local inflation and cost of living is not counted, Iran still scores higher than Argentina and South Africa.

Come on man, read!

Lawrence E.: First, Taiwan is not China!!! Taiwan is one Island with less than one third of Iran's population who still has not recovered from the financial crisis of the late 90's. Second: Per-capita GDP has never been the measure of a nation's economic power. Iran beats many countries including some G20 ones like China, India, Brazil and Indonesia in per-capita GDP comparison. US itself would not even make the G8 in a per-capital comparison.

David ET: 30 years of bitching and moaning about "mullah's this, mullah's that" hasn't gotten you anywhere, has it? You seem to have a very disturbing idea that these powerful countries are somehow operating on moral grounds. "If Iran was good, they would welcome it". This is not only simplistic and false, but also against anything resembling free market capitalism. It's not up to anyone to "punish" Iran because they think Iranian leadership is lacking in any capacity. You're really disappointing me. I thought you were a Ron Paul supporter. What do you think he would say to your comment?

I have a crush: Thank You for being the adult one in this conversation.

David ET


by David ET on

The only ones responsible for Iran's political and economic isolation are mullahs themselves.

Why aren't India, Brazil etc not "shut down"? Because their country is not run by idiots.

I don't like Iran's isolation either, but blame it on the ones responsible.

For now Iran attend the H summits of Hezbollah, Hamas, and alike...

Isolation is the intended CHOICE of the Islamic Regime.Blame the CAUSE and not the effects.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

David why is it just about beards and Ahmadinejad

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

I am sick of Iran being shut out. I don't care how dumb Ahmadinejad is, Bush is no better. I want Iran to be more transparent and exposed. That is how Iran will changed. Keeping them in the dark has helped them grow like fungus.


LOL! Great

by Lawerence E. (not verified) on

LOL! Great economy...hahaha

The Islamic republic manufactures any data they want. These data are then given to international agencies. IRI can never be trusted. According to your source, wikipedia, China has a lower GDP than Iran.

Who are they trying to fool.

18 Iran 753,000
19 Republic of China (Taiwan) 695,400

With the income per Capita of less than $8000, the Islamic Republic should not be anywhere close near any healthy economy because it might contaminate those healthy one.

Iran has the greatest economy in the world and does not need to attend any gathering of satanic infidels.

That will be the title of Q's next blog.


Nice try Q, But As Usual

by Anonymous7 (not verified) on


You can't pick and choose the most favorable chart and make such a wild statement that Iran should be included in the G20. If you look at the following method calculated at GDP nominal per capital, Iran comes at 85:


Calculating based on PPP does not reflect the value of economic output in international trade, and it also requires more estimation than GDP per capita.

Also, just look at the IRI: Over 20% inflation, over 15% unemployment, an economy that is a slave to the international market price of oil and tiny stock market that limits outside investment to no more than 10% and you want them to be included in the G20?

Come on Q!

David ET

Iran Could have been not "should be"

by David ET on

First I thank GOD that idiot Ahmadinejad is not allowed anywhere near G20 or he would have given the same nonsense irrelevant theological speeches about his Imam Mehdi filled with other retherics about Israel etc etc while the leaders of the world are discussuing ways to get the world out of its current financial crisis.

Last thing our financial crisis needs is the distraction of Islamic Republic which could not even manage its inflation and unemployment at the PICK of the financial boom!

Yes Iran could have been and should have been in the G20 (and even G10) if it was not run but mullahs.

After all great leader of the Islamic Republic Imam Khomeini clearly defined the economic policies of the Islamic Republic when he stated "Economy is for donkeys"


Thanks to Mullahs Iran is just an oil producing country on the verge of bankrupcy at current oil price levels and a follower of the world economy without any financial standing.

The only way IR has any effect on the world economy is if they create tension in Persian Gulf and the region...

No PULEASE keep Ahmadinejad and his bearded advisors where they are. We need solutions not more nonsense, rhetoric and theological lectures....


I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Excellent point!!! They must be scared of Iran

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

This was a great point. Thanks Q