Yaadeh Bachegia Be Kheiyr Part II


by TheMrs

Notes: Is this better than the earlier version I wrote? It’s not the truth but it’s more acceptable. I mean I don’t want to look like I was condoning anything by sharing that one experience that I had. I know this is a serious issue and that others were traumatized. I never thought that my experience, which didn’t leave a negative hand print on my life, would hurt others who went through child abuse. However, shame on shiny and sweet people holding hands when they try to force THEIR experience on others as if life is some kind of pre packaged cereal you can purchase and distrubute to everyone, in the same store and with the same taste.


Last night, I remembered a very bizarre episode from my childhood.

I remember clearly that I had just turned 12. Because of the barrage of missles falling on Tehran on an almost hourly basis, my parents decided that Tehran was too dangerous. As a result, we temporarily moved to a smaller city.

I welcomed this move, a feeling I ended up regretting. Even though most of my friends had also moved away, mostly to Shomaal, and others had left the country all together, I didn’t feel like I was losing them.

Those of us who were left behind during those stressful days had a lot of fun. Those days, most of my family would huddle together at different locations around the city, based on which neighborhood was considered more safe, that week. So my cousins and I were having a blast. It’s only natural! No school, no teachers and family sleep overs! Who could ask for anything more?

In any case, the point is that it wasn’t all bad. We, the children, didn’t mind the war. So when my cousins and I found ourselves on a mini vacation, we enjoyed every minute of it.

Once we arrived at our temporary hide out, we went wild. There was a big baagh. We could pretty much do whatever we wanted. For the first time in months, our parents were some what relaxed and we were free.

One day, as I was playing soccer, indoors, with 2 of my boy cousins, a distant family member decided to join. He was hairy and scary looking. I’m guessing now that he was probably in his mid to late 20s at the time. I’d never met him before because he didn’t live in Tehran. I didn’t like him. He forced himself on our game. We felt we had no choice but to let him play soccer with us. I was annoyed.

It didn’t take long for soccer to turn into a one on one fight. He was taking it way too seriously and as his opponent I was getting attacked constantly. He was aggressive and mean. These attacks were peculiar because they resulted in me falling flat on the ground desperately trying to catch the ball, and with him (mardeh gondeh) on top of me.

The first couple of times I didn’t mind. I thought we were really playing. On the third try, he slipped his hand in my shirt. Oh Shit. I let him catch the ball and I was kind of shocked. Did what just happened really happen?

A few minutes later and on some false pretense, he got me to sit on his lap and he attempted to feel me up again. I was in an awkward situation because my 2 cousins were in the room and totally lost in their own game. I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to do. I was embarrassed.I left the room as soon as I could.

This is the first time I’m talking about this. I never told my parents. All throughout the trip, the fact that he was there tormented me. I never recovered from this experience.

My relationships with men have been awkward. And I can’t seem to find the right person to be with. I jump from one man to another even though I’ve never had a decent orgasm in my entire life. I'm on my road to recovery, because I’ve decided to heal and move on. I want to make sure that all other victims of child abuse are heard of. Today, here, I want to solve this issue.


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American Wife

well, just goes to show you

by American Wife on

You can't please some people.  You're damned if you do and damned if you don't.  I know that you don't usually let this shit affect you but I'm sure it must hurt a little.  I'm not always your biggest supporter but I respect that you get back in the saddle and try again.  It's obviously a sensitive subject but I get the feeling that the majority of the people who are bashing you don't have the vaguest idea of what something like this means to the person involved.  It's oh so much easier to get on the bandwagon and call you names and act like they know how it feels.  Fuck them. Sorry, will I get deleted for that?  I think it's kinda funny how you reposted the blog.  You got balls girl, thats for sure.


Awww childhood is so sweet

by pepsi (not verified) on

Hey Souri, if you agree with TheMrs, then tell us what's so sweet about touching an underage girl? You two can't have it both ways. You two are making light of child abuse. Shame on both of you! You're so dumb you don't understand that horrible restrictions in Iran are on girls and women as well. There's no justification for criminal behaviors. TheMrs calls her experience sweet. Shame, shame!



by Homayoon on

Listen to maadare aroos, folks. Where are you Shirin Khanoom, I'm you and you're me, we're all the same people. lol. There was another chick too. What was her name? She's me too. lol

Souri Khanoom come closer, sweetheart. Let's see who is the "woman" here. lol.  But seriousky, nothing's wrong with being khaahare Zeinab. My mommy's name is Zeinab.

Thanks for defending Nazi Canadai and her "decent man". I hate it when they call me "convicted child molester" :-(




Don't worry TheMrs

by Souri on

These commenter are the same people who insult you and me in the other blog. Actually, shireen and Homayoon and disgusted and some others, are all the same woman !

If someone has a common sense and a minimum of intelligence, they should understand what you meant when you said this here above :

I know this is a serious issue and that others were
traumatized. I never thought that my experience, which didn’t leave a
negative hand print on my life, would hurt others who went through
child abuse

I, do understand you and agree with you that :

Some people  try to force THEIR experience on others as if life is some kind of pre packaged cereal you can purchase and distribute to everyone, in the same store and with the same taste....

Although, I may not adopt your way of presenting the subject and getting it trough, but in the mainstream, I am with you.

They called me Khahar zeinab too ! Even if I said : This is due to the
horrible restriction imposed by RELIGION and CULTURE in Iran...

Does anybody listen ? No!

Everybody is too preoccupied by their accusation and humiliatiion of others.

Just let it go. Forget about them. They are "intellectual victims" and we are "ignorant and guilty". That's the final point.

Do you really care ?



by Fly-on-the-wall (not verified) on

And why would this offensive blog be featured TWICE in 24 hours? What is so special about it?


A must: Zero tolerance for sexual abuse

by Reader (not verified) on

Your blogs show that you are a very superficial and inauthentic woman with no social conscience and no empathy for other people. Lack of social conscience, lack of empathy with those who have been abused, empathizing with abusive men and calling an experience that is traumatic to any normal 12 year-old girl "Yadesh bekheir", is indeed vile and pure evil as "Shekar" said. Your blogs are insults to the intelligence of the Iranian community.

Time to question your upbringing and your masochistic tendencies.



by Homayoon on

You attract inmates and hooligans. hehe hehe/

This version is more pathetic than the first one.

It’s tacky to mix English and Farsi. It’s garden not "baagh". It’s Somewhat not "some what"

"He was hairy and scary looking"? lol. I thought you liked ugly hairy guys. Ugly guys for ugly chicks. lol.

You’ve never been embarrassed or tormented in your entire life. The truth is your relationship with men is awkward because you have no respect for yourself or for anyone else for that matter. You love to be abused, that’s why you find normal women strange.

Why don’t you put your own Khaahare Zeinab picture for your avatar. We know you’re the opposite of Angelina Jolie. lol.