Those Were the Days of Our Lives, by Freddie Mercury and Queen

by Yachov

A few days prior to his death Freddie Mercury recorded "Those Were the Days of Our Lives."  When I listen to it, on one hand it tears at my heart but on the other hand it gives me peace as I recognize his tranquility and acquiescence.  For those of us who grew up with this Zoroastrian Queen, there is a sadness at his passing but at the same time we feel a peace in his peacefulness as displayed in this video.  Who other than Freddie could have performed so eloquently and beautifully in the final and most advanced stage of AIDS?

Of course, if Freddie had stayed in the place of his birth we never would have had all the great songs of Queen. Instead he would have wound up like these young men.



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by Yachov on

In those days there was a draft.  Germany was not an area of conflict and therefore in answer to your question, none.  Leaving that aside, it would be incredibly naive to believe that a military is not necessary for the survival of any nation as many have learned much to their detriment, one of the most recent examples being China during WWII. 

The island (Zanzibar) which became an area of conflict in the 60's engaged in a number of activities including Nazi style extermination of undesirables not the least of which included homosexuals.  

anonymous fish

i never was a huge fan

by anonymous fish on

but his performances were electric.

faryarm... i remember my first "cool" concert.  i was on restriction (for some imagined crime, i'm sure) but my parents let me go out with a friend of my older sister and we went to see Alice Cooper.  they obviously had NO idea...:-)

totally cool!


Meanwhile ask your brother how many souls

by atashbaz on

does it take to make the payments ...








by amirkabear4u on

It is impressive to discover you have a human heart because you understand art and artists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes in fact he had a unique magic to some of his songs.

PS: I heard he did not like shah!


Great music

by Zion on

He was fantastic. Simple as that.
RIP Freddie.


Reply to Faryarm

by Yachov on

You are bringing back nostalgia my friend.  My brother had just returned from a tour of duty in the military and we got a house where we had parties until dawn.  I was forming a rock band and all in all, I have to say, as Freddie said, "Those were the days of our lives."  LOL


Queens First Tour 1973

by faryarm on

It was 1973 and I remember getting permission from our Headmaster at boarding school to go and see Ziggy Stardust and his Spiders from Mars, in David Bowie's first major tour.

It was at the Gaumont theatre, in Worcester, England, where i am told the Beatles had also performed 10 years before...

What happened next, as the opening act before Bowie, pinned us to our seats when Freddie Mercury and the Queen tore into the most electrifying performance i had witnessed leaving us startled for the rest of the night...