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01/22/2008 - 19:30

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To: Hajiagha

by Mani321 (not verified) on

I'm glad that you can well represent the subhuman species of the Hezbollahi on this site. One question, you can't write proper Persian nor can you converse in proper English. Is there any mode of communication that you are comfortable with? Other than whips and Ghameh, that is. How can you get a job in whichever hell hole you call home nowadays. Let me rephrase so you can understand:
Besmellah e Rahman e Rahim, how vork get dolar in kafar vest?



by Zeba (not verified) on

First you need to learn how to write proper english or farsi. Second know this that Isalm has brought nothing but ignorance and denying women's right. we are all zoroasterian originally and we will kick Islam out one day. This is 21st century not 1st century sir where stoning and public executions of gay/women/ children are allowed. All you mullah's are going down because people inside the country are sick of you all and other nation's around the world are witnessing mullah's crimes against iranian people. Khomeni lied to women when he said chador will not be mandatory just an example how twisted all mullah's are.
There will be more movies in near future regarding how cruel the government has been to women and people in Iran.


drod bar zanhaei harzea Irani

by hajiagha on


 رازادی چه بهتر از همان اول جلوی گسترش ویروس غربی رو گرفت تا جا معه
 و خانواده ها در ایران امنیت داشته باشند باز و مواد فروش و فاحشه باز..چون شا ها از زندی در چنین جامعهای لذت می برید دلیل نمیشه هه مثل شما فکر کنند.و 

I am waiting to any time's to Iranian government call me to back and start made animation about nasty western life any time's

Darius Kadivar

Even the IRI is losing its besst filmmakers ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Omid Hast


by Omid Hast on


Darius Kadivar

How The New Generations will Answer to IRI

by Darius Kadivar on

ALISON KRAUSS & ROBERT PLANT - Gone,Gone,Gone(Done Moved On)





Anonymous20 ??????

by Majid on

Next time read your own comment before you post it please ! will you? and try, just try to make some sense !

Thank you

P.S. What is IRAANI " VAGHI " ? 



To Anonymous20 : Khar Khodeti-yu-bas

by MythBuster (not verified) on

Iranians are kicking Islam out of their lives forever. You better join.


صدها افرین به دختران و زنان ایرانی

Anonymous20 (not verified)

صدها افرین به دختران و زنان ایرانی که در کمال شجاعت در داخل خاک ایران در مقابل کلاغ سیاهای IRI میایستند - این زنان شجاع به IRI و اقلیتهای مذهبی نشان میدهند که اسلام برای مردم ایران پیشرفت کرده وبا اسلام ۱۴۰۰ پیش فرق دارد - زنده باد ایرانی واقی