FANI: Identity "Other"


Here is a poem of mine, I would love to see how much discussion it can generate. I did not put the Persian translation to see if anyone is up for translating it, rather conceptually into Persian!

06/23/2008 - 23:08

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Very interesting

by Milan (not verified) on

Ok. Let's see if I can remember the stuff I learned about analyzing things in my college English class about 30 years ago. (no Naneh Man Ghareebam, just analysis!!) Among the first to notice was the bark peeling off the tree trunk, followed by the road leading to the highway. The repetition of "My" emphasizes belonging, while the term "Other" takes our focus away from the real self and onto our external identity, much like the bark of the tree, influenced by the elements, subject to change. Through it all, though, on the inside we remain pure, resilient, and unbeaten like the road leading to the highway.



by Live From Tehran (not verified) on

My deception,
My Pretentious,
My Ignorance,
My disloyalty,
My confusion,
My greediness,
And list goes on...


Present External Stimulus

by 135 (not verified) on

But, once Farsi or Persian is added in the multiple-choice entries of a questionnaire or application ..., apparently we continue highlighting the "Other" .

-A neutral prejudice is a parameter somewhere between - & + poles and is always and absolutely more positive than the far negative.
-Human is a social creature. To avoid seclusion, we involve in rarest acts; Join a racist front or a criminal gang in search of an identity - despite being raised in the far opposite environment.


Be proud

by Anonymouse on

Be proud of your ethnicity.  Don't cow tow to intimidation. If we don't learn this then "other" is going to get intimidated too, probably more than being Iranian or Muslim.

Abbas Zeineddin

I think I get what you may be trying to say

by Abbas Zeineddin on







...I'm tired of choosing "other" when filling out forms too


.seems to correspond to our difficulties to self-identify ourselves as well




Persian translation

by Anonymous Rahgozar (not verified) on

فاجعه ام


My planet

by Anonymouse on

My planet "other"