Photo essay: Vacationing in Sayulita, Mexico




And this how the story ends ....

by radius-of-the-persian-cat on

Let me guess:

The four guys just had a photo shooting for swimming suits on the beach , for which they just took grandpas pyjamas and cut off the legs. When a local beauty was passing by, they suddenly understoud how rediculous they might appear to her. They started an argument what to do in this situation: changing clothes to look more stylish, but risking that she has already left meanwhile, or running after her right away and explaining to her that these strange swimming slips are for a japanese sumo fashion magazin.

Since they were seeking for a real democratic vote about how to proceed, the girl was already quite far away when pedro, the bravest of them suddenly broke their alliance and run after her. The three other boys immediately picked up the challenge and soon it was a funny race along the beach, aiming at the girl whos silhouette was partly blurred by the luster of the ocean waves. And the sound of the waves took away from the girls ears the anxious shouts from behind her, when four white sharks jumped out of the oceans surge, and left nothing more from the four boys than their funny bathing slips.