Photo essay: Portraits




Noteable, how little Iran has progressed.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Hard to believe after viewing these pictures that the Shahs team raised Iran from one of the poorest which Iran is once again to one of the worlds wealthiest nations. Once the ninth wealthiest country on its way to being the fourth within less than a decade.  And so easily sent back to the 11th century At the hands of those who supposedly wanted good for Iran and wanted more power sharing.  The oil wealth the hezbollahi's have mismanaged for the last 33 years is staggering.  The Shahs team excellently made use of the comparatively smaller oil wealth they managed for the people of Iran. Bichareh-ha, Badbakhtishoon be-atiyeh boodaneh, enshallah yad begiran engadr be Akhoond va Antellectual beharf nakonand va barayeh khodeshoon fekr konand. Hindsight is 20/20 and it shows us what the hunger for greed produces, in contrast to a hunger for freedom, like we enjoyed with the late Shah.  Roohesh Shad.  My wish is that someday Iranians can once again enjoy the level of development, peace, progress and human rights the shahs team delivered for Iranians. For me all Iranians deserve the best, regardless of the stupidity of many.