Photo essay: Group trip to nine Iranian cities



Khodadad Rezakhani


by Khodadad Rezakhani on

Have seen about half of your pics! Wow, I am so homesick now. Wish I could also go over during the spring, but I always end up going in the summer. Anyway, here are some custom comments:

11: not really Mithra's bull, just a bull!

14: the headless statue is not from Persepolis, but from Egypt, with Egyptian hieroglyphs on it!

32: I remember when the trend of colouring chicks started. That was when I stopped begging my mom to buy me one of them.

34: the cheek of it!:D

51: Man, all that Chaghale Badoom and Goje Sabz! I am so jealous now...

54: I am sure there is a "don't mount the stag" sign somewhere near there...