Photo essay: A bullfight in Mexico City



Zan Amrikai

Why I Never Went

by Zan Amrikai on

Lo entiendo perfectamente bien; he leido de la historia de la Corrida...

In other words, yes, I know..I've read the history of the Bullfight.

But still.

It hurts to see the photos. 

When I was overseas in college, I did not go to La Corrida because I did not want to see the tormenting of the bull.  Obviously, it is a cultural spectacle and Spain (and Mexico) and perhaps other Spanish-speaking countries, consider it a part of the national identity. 

Still, I cannot help thinking of the Native Americans who thanked the animal for giving its life for them. I know that the meat is traditionally given to the poor, and I know the matador (translation: Killer.  No, seriously, that's the translation.) respects that bull VERY much.  He (or She--have you seen, "Hable Con Ella" by Pedro Almodovar?) does not take the dance between them lightly.

But it is hard to watch if you have a sensitive soul.  The photos are powerful.