Swiss freeze assets of 12 more Iranian firms
23-Apr-2008 (7 comments)

Switzerland said on Wednesday it had frozen the assets of a further 12 Iranian companies in accordance with new United Nations sanctions aimed at stopping Tehran's alleged nuclear programme.

The 12 companies, and 13 individuals, have been added to an existing blacklist of 23 companies and 27 people.


Good Job Switzerland

by alimostofi on

What a surprise, that for once, the Swiss are not on the side of the rich thieves in this world, such as Seyyeds in Iran.



Good news??? For whom??? Az poshte kuh miyayin??

by Realist (not verified) on

The targeted individuals or organizations will turn to balck market sources to channel their assets or money transfers and will then send the bill to their clients or customers in Iran.

And why the hell any of you supporters of such sanctions believe that foreign countries or entities have the good of the Iranian people in mind? Is it because of their bright record in helping the Iranian people???

And third, just give me an example in history where economic sanctions resulted in the uprising of a nation against its leaders. 11 years of sanctions against Saddam's regime only resulted in the death of 600,000 Iraqi civialians. Is this the kind of silent genocide you people are willing to be a part of? Then go ahead Mr. Chalabis of Iran.


It is a start

by Mehran (not verified) on

I think that Iranian people would put up with the sanction and willing to suffer the hardship if they could get rid of this blood sucking Mullahs. Mullahs basically taking Iranian people hostage and are trying to play that as their trump card and develop nukes. Once the have done that, then there is no turning back. You think things are bad now, just wait and see when these disgusting characters have nukes.


Good News!

by Naazokbin (not verified) on

The more pressure there is on the Mafia embezzling Iran's wealth, the faster the whole apparatus of the IRI will crumble.
Those who claim these sanctions hurt poor Iranians are lying through their teeth.


Thanks Ali for bringing this news article to our attention.


Yes, good job hurting more Iranian kids on Tehran's streets

by Q on

good job making more inflation so the price of food and medicine gets even worst... good job cutting the salaries of bus drivers and teachers and other government employees... good job caving into US threats and bullying tactics.

We all know this ONLY hurts the IRI, right? I mean, don't you remember how much Saddam Hussein and his sons were starving during the Iraq sanctions? How much Fidel Castro was forced to democratize because of these tactics?

Shame on you, Ali Mostofe, Shame on you!



by Koroush (not verified) on

You have been force fed too much erroneous information by in-the-moral-gutter, bought and paid for tainted US media.

Anyone who lends aid or supports the US government is a war criminal.

Those outside the US have some perspective of the genocidal crimes that have been comitted and the extent of the bovine stupidity of US citizens has lent complicity to their crimes.



by funnnguy2222 (not verified) on

yeah al since ahmdinejad is so RICH. NOT!