Iran's $75B Disappearing Act
Forbes / Lionel Laurent
16-Jun-2008 (2 comments)

One well-placed source close to Germany's national banking system, who did not wish to be named, even told that there had been "no indication" of any withdrawal of Iranian assets or activity as described in the Iranian press.

According to Iranian weekly Sharvand-e Ermouz, citing a top foreign ministry official in charge of economic affairs, Iran has withdrawn $75.0 billion in foreign assets that were in danger of being blocked under punitive sanctions. The official, Mohsen Talaie, reportedly specified that President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had ordered the transfer, with part of the assets going into gold and equities, and the rest going to Asian banks.

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News Goffer

To Daughter of Iran

by News Goffer on

Thank you! Well, all those dollars will be rials soon, becoming worthless by the minute and pushing inflation rates even higher. Yes, the money would be safe from the sancions, but what can it buy? Things are just getting worse and worse every day. Indeed, Salavat is about all that can be done for Mahmoud's economy.


Salavat befrestid!

by IRANdokht on

75 Billion disappeared... must be a miracle! Salavat befrestid!

now I wonder if it never reappears again, would people stop talking about the 22 billion (dollareh 7tomani) and worry about the ones who stole 75 Billion dollareh 900 tomani?!!!

khasteh nabashi News G jan