Naval Blockade against Iran?
Mathaba News Network / Knut Mellenthin
17-Jun-2008 (4 comments)

At the top of the measures that are now being discussed is an international naval blockade by a "coalition of the willing." As in the Adriatic blockade against Yugoslavia in the first half of the 1990s, the coasts of Iran can be sealed off by a collective action by the NATO warships. 



by alimostofi on

Dighe bekoja reseedem?  When we Iranians cannot create our own "coalition of the willing", then they all have to do it for us.  What's wrong with creating a provisional "coalition of the willing" group, of the best Iranians, based on the theme "Iran First"?  Then get UN approval as the provisional government in exile, and order the country to prepare for a non-violent General Strike?



Naval Blockade and Pavlov's Dog

by Anonymous500 (not verified) on

:-)) You may call HER "Sister Maryam" for the fun of it, but the very fact that evry time the idea of getting rid of these criminal mullahs is raised the "Brave" Iranian patriots (my right foot), think subconsiously of "Sister Maryam" is indicative of the fact that our "Brave" smarties are conditioned, like Pavlov's Dog; ring the bell of the overthrow of mullahs, they srat barking Maryam's name.


Iran First then

by alimostofi on

Politics.  We need to put the national name right, then the flag then democracy.  Let's get the country back first. 


Ali Mostofi




Excellent Plan Mostofi

by Q on

then they all have to do it for us.

Allah bless those selfless foreigners who are always ready to do things for us.

Your plan is excellent. The only question left is do we call our leader-in-exile "El Prezidente" or "His Highness". How about "sister maryam?" Don't forget who has first dibs on any "government in exile."